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Yasutora Sado
Pre Timeskip | Post Timeskip

E351 Sado 1


茶渡 泰虎


Sado Yasutora


"Chad" (チャド, Chado) (called by his friends)

Personal Info

Male Male


16-17 years old[1]


197 cm (6'5½")[1]


112 kg (247 lbs)[1] (formerly)
118 kg (260 lbs)[2]

Blood Type



Human (Fullbringer)


April 7 (Aries)[1]


Aries ♈

Current Status

Alive (Active)

  • Unnamed Parents (deceased)
  • Unnamed Paternal Grandparents (deceased)
  • Oscar Joaquín de la Rosa (maternal grandfather; deceased)
  • Unnamed Maternal Grandmother (deceased)

Mashiba Junior High School[3][4]
Karakura High School

Professional Status
Previous Affiliation



High School Student


Ichigo's Group

Base of Operations

Sado House
Karakura Town
Human World

Primary Skill

Brazo Derecha de Gigante & Brazo Izquierda del Diablo

Voice Actor(s)
Japanese Voice Actor(s)

Hiroki Yasumoto

English Voice Actor(s)

Jamieson Price (Episode 80+)


Bleach Chapter #7


Bleach Episode #2


Bleach: Memories of Nobody


Bleach: Heat the Soul


Memories in the Rain

Yasutora Sado (茶渡 泰虎, Sado Yasutora), also known as Chad (チャド, Chado), is a Human teenager who lives in Karakura Town. He is a student at Karakura High School, where he is in the same class as Ichigo Kurosaki.


Sado is a teenager of Mexican descent. He is dark-skinned with wavy brown hair that generally hangs over his brown eyes. He is a muscular and extremely tall man and appears to be much older than he actually is. Sado has a tattoo on his left shoulder which reads Amore e Morte ("love and death" in Italian) and consists of a heart with a snake and angel wings around it.[1] He typically wears either his school uniform or flashy short-sleeved shirts with open collars. He also wears a dark, long-sleeved shirt with a rose emblazoned on the left sleeve. Seventeen months after Aizen's defeat, Sado has grown a small goatee on his chin.


Sado is a quiet boy and is sometimes the subject of jokes or bullies because he never fights back. Nonetheless, he is treated equally within his group of friends in Karakura. Sado also has a soft spot for cute things, like small animals and Kon's plushie form.[5] Sado has also shown to be very intelligent; he ranked 11th out of 322 students in Karakura High School.[6] Sado has a very loyal personality. He is quite loyal to his friends, especially Ichigo, who is one of his closest friends, even going as far as to try and defeat a Gotei 13 captain to go help him. He is also shown to be fearless and told so by numerous enemies such as the first Hollow he fights. He displays little emotion except when something he cares about is in danger.

Sado's favorite food is tomatoes. He also likes music, but rarely watches TV. He only likes two shows, one of which is Carnivore Kingdom, which starts at 8 a.m. on Sundays. He likes it so much that he bought the DVDs for it.[7] As Kon is a cheap knock-off plushie of the main character of Carnivore Kingdom, Sado finds Kon especially cute. The other show he likes is Don Kanonji's Ghost Bust. Sado also has a bass guitar.[8]


Yasutora was born from a unnamed couple in Okinawa, Japan, but was taken to Mexico by his parents at some point of his childhood. After his parents' death, Yasutora was adopted at the age of 8 years old by Oscar Joaquín de la Rosa, a man believed to be his maternal grandfather since Sado calls him Abuelo ("Grandfather" in Spanish).[9]

During his early years, Yasutora was a extremely violent child; exploiting his advantage in size, he intimidated and hit any other children who annoyed him. Oscar tried to teach his grandson to be a gentle child, but was initially unsuccessful.[9] One day, the children's fathers who Yasutora fought, seeking to punish him, attacked Yasutora. Oscar stepped in between them, taking Yasutora's punishment without retaliation. Yasutora was inspired by this example to become a decent man. To commemorate this event, Oscar Joaquín gave Yasutora a old Mexican coin; years later, when Oscar died, Yasutora made a vow that he would never fight unless it was to protect others, as instructed — even if his own life was in danger.[10] The coin would come to symbolize this vow, which Yasutora now claims to hold more value than his own life.[9]

Chad and Ichigo

Ichigo risking his life to protect Sado's coin.

Some time after De la Rosa died, Chad moved back to Japan and entered Mashiba Junior High School at Karakura Town. In the 8th grade[11] he helped Ichigo when the latter was attacked by thugs. Chad was later attacked by two of Yokochini's gang members and, keeping with his vow, did not strike back or defend himself.[12] Ichigo intervened and saved him and later learned from Chad a little about his past, the meaning of the coin and the vow he made. However, as the gang members fled they left a cell phone with an ongoing call to Yokochini, allowing him to spy on Chad and learn what might get a rise out of him. Yokochini later had Chad abducted and threatened him with the destruction of the coin. Ichigo stuck his neck out again, this time to protect not only Chad, but also the coin he held so dear. When the gang was defeated, Chad and Ichigo made a pact to fight for each other and protect one another.[13]

Because they were constantly involved with fights and brawls with thugs and delinquents, both Ichigo and Chad gained the reputation of hardened thugs themselves. Their reputation far exceeded that of violent youths as they were made up to be juvenile gangsters of sorts. On their first day of high school, Chad and Ichigo were forced into pushing back a gang of thugs led by Reiichi Ōshima, who was hell bent on proving his bravado by beating up such a menacing duo. When Mizuiro Kojima befriended them, Reiichi started bullying Keigo Asano, forcing the two to help him and beat up Reiichi.[14]


Agent of the Shinigami arc

Sado Chad protects against girder

Sado stops the girder on his shoulders.

Sado is offered a cockatiel by his friends, but he's told that it's a cursed cockatiel whose previous owners have all died horrible deaths. Just as he takes it, a girder falls on the group and it falls on top of Sado's back. The bird suddenly begins talking as if it understands the situation so Sado begins conversing with it.[15] Later as Ichigo Kurosaki is about to get into a fight with Reiichi Ōshima, Sado intervenes and pushes Reiichi away. Sado's friends notice his injuries and Sado explains what happened to him. Sado then shows the group his new cockatiel, but he doesn't explain where he got it from.[16]

Isshin (& Yuzu) examine Sado's wound

Sado's wound.

Later an injured Sado arrives at the Kurosaki Clinic along with his cockatiel and he is shown to have a terrible wound on his back. However, Sado claims that he's fine and tries to leave, but he ends up collapsing on the ground before getting anywhere, and he begins resting in bed.[17] Sado then leaves the hospital without telling anyone.[18] He reappears in an abandoned warehouse with his cockatiel, but they're suddenly attacked by something and Sado begins running away with his bird, while telling the bird that he'll save his mother. As soon as he comes outside, Sado notices Rukia and Ichigo and he begins running from them.[19]


Sado slams Shrieker into the ground.

He stops running though when he notices that Rukia is in trouble and he goes back to help. He immediately punches the invisible threat, named Shrieker, surprising Rukia. Rukia then warns Sado that Shrieker is flying, but Sado doesn't see it as a problem as he picks up a telephone poll and uses it to slam Shrieker into the ground.[20] Sado and Rukia are suddenly forced into the ground by Shrieker's "artillery", but Sado simply uses his brute strength to get them off. Sado then helps out Rukia just as Shrieker flies into the air again. However, Sado launches Rukia into the air but she's stopped by Shrieker's miniature bombs. Shrieker then brings out Sado's cockatiel and threatens to kill the bird if Sado moves, so Rukia is forced to fight alone.[21] Later Sado notices that Ichigo's body is on the ground, but Rukia explains that Ichigo is in the middle of a battle and she tells him to take his body and the cockatiel away.[22] After the battle is over and it's revealed that the cockatiel is actually a kid, the cockatiel thanks Sado for everything, and just before he is sent to Soul Society Sado tells him that if they meet in Soul Society he'll carry him around one more time.[23]

Don kanoji's tv show

Sado and his friends at Don Kanonji's show.

During school Sado shows his friends his cockatiel again but they notice that it has a smaller vocabulary. Sado simply claims that the bird was like this when he woke up.[24] Later Sado goes with his friends to Don Kanonji's show.[25] While there Sado hears a strange voice but Keigo tells him that it's just his imagination.[26] As the show goes on Ichigo gets captured by security and Sado tries to help him, but Keigo stops him.[27] After Don Kanonji's show, Sado and the rest of his classmates that were at the show are yelled at by Kagine for causing such a ruckus at the show.[28] Rukia distracts Kagine, allowing Sado and the others escape through a window.[29]

Chad attacking Bulbous G

Sado attacking Bulbous G after gaining new powers.

Later Sado gets attacked by a Hollow named Bulbous G, and he runs away to lead the Hollow away from the area.[30] Unfortunately, he ends up running into Karin Kurosaki, Ichigo's sister, and this forces Sado to protect her.[31] Sado, being unable to see the Hollow, decides to have Karin help him by having her be his eyes. As the battle goes on Sado recalls that his fists are meant for protecting, and this causes armor to form around his right arm and allows him to gain the advantage.[32] Sado, now being able to see the Hollow, kills his enemy immediately with his new-found power. Sado then collapses onto the ground and wonders why he gained this power, but decides it doesn't matter and is simply glad Ichigo's sister didn't get hurt.[33]

Urahara Talks Orihime & Sado

Urahara explains about Shinigami and Hollows to Sado and Orihime.

Sado later appears with Orihime at the Urahara Shop, and Urahara prepares to explain how they got their new-found powers.[34] Urahara explains about Hollows and Shinigami, but Sado and Orihime have a difficult time believing him. Urahara then tells them that Ichigo's large amount of reiatsu leaked onto them and that caused them to gain their powers, and that these powers are what they naturally had to begin with.[35] Urahara then states that it's up to them if they want to continue down this path with their powers, and decides to show them the enemies that they'll have to face in the future.[36] Sado and Orihime then watch from a distance Ichigo and Uryū battling a Menos Grande. This causes the two of them to wonder what choice they should make.[37]

Sado, Orihime, Yoruichi try to recruit Uryu Ishida

Yoruichi, Sado, and Orihime try to recruit Uryū

After Rukia is taken back to Soul Society to be executed, a cat named Yoruichi Shihōin goes up to Orihime and Sado and offers to train the two of them so they can rescue her.[38] Sado and Orihime then go up to Uryū and ask him if he'll train with them as well, but he declines.[39] The two then begin training and try to bring out their new powers again.[40] After successfully doing this, the two leave and prepare to go to Soul Society.[41] On the day they decide to leave for Soul Society, Sado, Ichigo, Orihime, and Uryū arrive at the Urahara Shop.[42] After Urahara explains how to get into Soul Society, Yoruichi leads the group into the Dangai, and they're told to run as fast as they can.[43] Sado and the others are soon chased by the Kōtotsu, so Orihime uses her shield to protect them from the Janitor and the group is propelled through the exit and into Soul Society.[44]

Soul Society arc

Ryoka arrive in Soul Society

The group arrives in Soul Society.

After arriving in Soul Society the group is immediately met by opposition as Jidanbō Ikkanzaka blocks the gate into Seireitei.[45] Ichigo is able to defeat him, but the group is still stopped from entering Seireitei when Captain Gin Ichimaru arrives and closes the gate on them.[46] The people of Rukongai suddenly come out and one of them is revealed to be Shibata, Sado's cockatiel from before.[47] Sado carries him around like he promised to do, and he's told that Shibata has yet to find his mother, so Sado encourages him to keep looking.[48] The group then tries to figure out a new way into Seireitei, so Yoruichi brings them to Kūkaku Shiba, whose fireworks specialty helps launch Sado and the others into the Seireitei through a spirit cannon. While successfully entering, the group becomes separated from each other. [49]


Sado defeats Tatsufusa in a single blow.

In Seireitei Shinigami begin looking for Sado, who is hiding nearby.[50] Sado then finds some Shinigami from the 11th Division and goes to fight them.[51] Later, Sado wakes up in an abandoned warehouse after having a dream of when he first met Ichigo, and he hears some Shinigami coming for him, causing him to prepare for battle.[52] Sado then forces information out of some Shinigami on where Rukia is being held and heads to her location.[53] On the way there he is confronted by the third seat of the 8th Division, Tatsufusa Enjōji, but he easily defeats him with a single punch. Sado is then confronted by Shunsui Kyōraku, captain of the 8th Division.[54]

Chad vs kyoraku

Sado attacks Shunsui.

Sado and Shunsui talk for a bit and try to avoid battling each other, but they soon realize that they must battle and the two begin their fight.[55] Shunsui quickly overwhelms Sado with his quick reflexes and Shunsui wonders why Sado came to Soul Society, and Sado tells him that it was because Ichigo wants to save Rukia and that's good enough for him. This causes Shunsui to draw his dual Zanpakutō, and Sado charges in for one final attack. [56] However, Shunsui stabs Sado across his stomach and easily defeats him.[57] Shunsui then decides to put Sado into the detention center.[58]


Sado and the other's notice the execution beginning.

While in jail, Sado is reunited with Uryū and Ganju, and Sado states that they must wait for Ichigo to rescue them. [59] Later, Captain Kenpachi Zaraki arrives with Orihime to rescue Sado and the others.[60] After escaping, Sado and the others continue through Seireitei, but they run into difficulties when they're confronted by two captains and two lieutenants. [61] Kenpachi decides to fight them all alone, so Sado and the others continue on.[62] As they run, the group notices the execution for Rukia finally beginning.[63] Sado and the others finally arrive at Rukia's execution site, Sōkyoku Hill, and are informed by Yachiru Kusajishi that Rukia has already escaped and that Ichigo is currently fighting.[64]

Ryoka Leaving

Sado and the others depart from Soul Society.

After Ichigo's battle is over, Sado and the others run up and tend to him.[65] Later, Sado and everyone else in Seireitei, through the use of Kidō, are informed that Aizen is the one behind all the conspiracies going on, and they realize that Aizen is going to kill Rukia. [66] A week after Aizen's betrayal, Uryū makes clothes for Sado and Orihime that resemble the ones they had when they first entered Soul Society.[67] Sado and the others then leave Soul Society and go back to the Human World.[68] Upon arriving in the Human World, Sado is brought back to his home by Kisuke Urahara.[69]

Bount arc (anime only)

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Arrancar arc

After returning from Soul Society, Sado's life goes back to normal and he returns to school.[98] During school, Ichigo's Substitute Shinigami Badge goes off, signifying that a Hollow is in the area, prompting Sado to leave with Orihime and Ichigo to defeat it.[99] After the Hollow is easily defeated by Ichigo he tells Sado and Orihime that they didn't need to come and help.[100] Later, Sado is in class again and after Ichigo leaves again, he tells the new transfer student named Shinji Hirako that this is how Ichigo always is.[101]

Yammy defeats Sado

Sado is defeated by Yammy.

Sado and Orihime later interrupt a fight between Shinji and a girl named Hiyori Sarugaki and they ask them what they want with Ichigo.[102] However, after Hiyori threatens to kill them Shinji takes Hiyori away from the area and Orihime tries to go after them but Sado stops her explaining that they'll just get killed.[103] Sado and Orihime later sense an enormous spiritual pressure around the area.[104] They run to where it's coming from and after seeing several people dead on the ground, Sado tells Orihime that he needs her healing.[105] Later, Sado saves Tatsuki from an Arrancar named Yammy Llargo. Sado tells Orihime to run away with Tatsuki, but Yammy attacks Sado and knocks him out.[106]

Ichigo saves Chad from Di Roy

Ichigo stops Di Roy Rinker from killing Sado.

Sado is later shown looking out of a window and healing from his injuries.[107] He later gets up and leaves but is confronted by the Arrancar Di Roy Rinker, but Ichigo appears and saves him.[108] Sado reluctantly runs away after Ichigo tells him to and Sado thinks to himself that he'll never be able to help Ichigo anymore.[109] Sado then goes to the Urahara Shop and begs Kisuke Urahara to train him,[110] so Urahara has Sado train against Renji while he uses his Bankai.[111][112] Later as Sado continues training, Urahara tells Orihime that he won't allow her to fight in the upcoming battles, so Sado begins arguing with Urahara since Orihime is his comrade. However Orihime tells Sado that she's fine with not fighting and leaves.[113]

When Espada-level Arrancar attack Karakura Town, Sado tries to go and fight but Urahara decides that he'll go himself.[114] Later when Orihime is kidnapped by Aizen and taken to Hueco Mundo, Sado and Uryū decide to head to Hueco Mundo with Ichigo to save her, and Sado demonstrates how powerful he has gotten to Ichigo.[115] Urahara then opens up a Garganta and the three of them enter and head to Hueco Mundo.[116]

Hueco Mundo arc


Sado, Uryū, and Ichigo arrive in Hueco Mundo.

After going through the Garganta, the group arrives in a building and a mysterious enemy immediately confronts the group.[117] The group runs away and they eventually reach a much wider room, but are immediately surround by Aisslinger Wernarr and Demoura Zodd.[118] Sado begins fighting Aisslinger but struggles against his opponent, so he switches opponents with Uryū and begins battling Demoura.[119] Sado quickly overwhelms his opponent[120] and then prepares to use El Directo against Demoura.[121] Upon using the attack Demoura is killed but the room suddenly begins to collapse in on itself and the group quickly escapes. Sado and the others get outside and they appear in a vast desert-like area. They then notice Las Noches in the distance, and believing Orihime is there, they begin heading towards it.[122]

Five ways

Sado and the others decide to split up from each other.

The group then rests a bit but they soon see a girl running from some Hollows and they go to save her.[123] The group then saves the girl but it turns out that she was really a Hollow that was playing with her friends.[124] After she introduces herself as Nel Tu, Sado and the others ride her pet Bawabawa to Las Noches but they're quickly confronted by a Hollow named Runuganga. Before the Hollow can kill them though Rukia and Renji appear and kill the Hollow.[125] Everyone then heads to Las Noches and upon reaching the palace they break through one of the walls.[126] They then eventually reach a room that splits off into five paths and the group decides to separate from each other.[127]

Chad vs Gantenbainne Mosqueda

Sado fighting Gantenbainne after the true power in his two arms are released.

Sado reaches a room and is confronted by a Privaron Espada named Gantenbainne Mosqueda.[128] Sado is quickly overwhelmed by his opponent, but after being hit by a barrage of attacks Sado's armored arm changes into a new form that he calls Brazo Derecha de Gigante[129] Sado states that his powers have gotten stronger in Hueco Mundo because his powers are more Hollow like than anything else. Sado then quickly overwhelms his opponent, forcing Gantenbainne into activating his Resurrección. Gantenbainne sends a powerful attack towards his opponent, but Sado is uninjured and Sado tells Gantenbainne that his right arms power is for defending, while his left arms power is for attacking, and his left arm is shown in a new form that he calls Brazo Izquierda del Diablo.[130]

Tesla protects Nnoitra

Sado's blow is blocked by Tesra.

Sado uses La Muerte and defeats Gantenbainne, but spares him and says that because of Gantenbainne he can now fight stronger enemies. However, he is immediately confronted by the Espada Nnoitra Gilga and is attacked.[131] Sado then falls to the ground defeated and is mocked by his opponent.[132] Sado gets back up though and charges towards Nnoitra, but his blow is blocked by Tesra Lindocruz and Sado falls down unconscious.[133] Sado is later healed by Unohana Retsu.[134] Sado then goes with Renji and Rukia and fights against the Exequias so Ichigo can pass through and save Orihime.[135]

The New Captain Shūsuke Amagai arc (anime only)

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Fake Karakura Town arc

Sado Vs Huge Hollows

Sado charges at a group of attacking Hollows.

Sado and Renji fight several Hollows together but the Hollows are endless.[142] Later, the Hollow Battikaroa emerges and gives Sado and Renji a hard time with his Cero and instant regeneration. Though Sado constantly annoys Renji with his quiet nature, in the end, the two finally learn how to work together and kill Battikaroa by Sado using his La Muerte to distract the Hollow and Renji finishing him off for good with his Bankai.[143]

Sado and the others are then confronted by Yammy Llargo and prepare to fight, but are interrupted by Ichigo's immense reiatsu coming from above the dome.[144] After the reiatsu disappears, the group decides that since they have fought stronger Espada before they shouldn't be worried in facing the weakest of them. However, Yammy goes into his Resurrección causing his Espada tattoo to turn into #0 and he reveals that he's actually the strongest Espada, and he attacks Sado and the others.[145] Later, Sado is shown to have been knocked out by Yammy.[146]

Ichigo's Friends Return

Sado and the others greet Ichigo after his victory against Aizen.

Sometime after Aizen is sealed away by Urahara, Sado arrives along with Uryū, Orihime, Rukia, and Renji to the Soul Society. Sado's left arm and head are bandaged as the group greets Ichigo. When Ichigo suddenly collapses, Sado, Uryū, Renji, Rukia, and Orihime run toward him and find him screaming.[147] Later, Sado along with Orihime, Uryū, and Rukia, are by Ichigo's bedside as he wakes up. Rukia explains he's been unconscious for a month and details the loss of his Shinigami powers. Sado along with the rest of the group is present to see Ichigo's farewell to Rukia as she fades from Ichigo's sight once his spiritual energy disappears.[148]

Zanpakutō Unknown Tales arc (anime only)

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Gotei 13 Invading Army arc (anime only)

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

The Lost Substitute Shinigami arc

E346 Sado Ichigo in Xcution

Sado arrives at Xcution.

Sado is led to Xcution by Riruka Dokugamine. As she complains about having to find Sado, she begins to get annoyed at Sado for not speaking. Sado simply remarks that he is amazed that Riruka could talk for so long, and Riruka begins to get more annoyed.[173] Sado eventually reaches Xcution but when he gets there he immediately spots a shocked Ichigo sitting in front of him.[174] Chad is just as surprised to see Ichigo there but does not respond to Ichigo's questions. Kūgo asks them both to sit quietly as he explains things. He says every Xcution member had their mothers attacked by Hollows while they were in the womb, leaving traces of their powers which were then passed to the children as they were born. The members of Xcution wish their powers gone and have discovered that they can erase them by transferring them onto a Shinigami-Human hybrid. He says Chad also has Fullbring powers and has agreed to help restore Ichigo's powers. Ichigo asks Chad if that's true and he approves it, saying he hasn't been able to look at Ichigo since the latter lost his powers. He tells Ichigo not to try and hide his passion to fight for others' protection. After hearing this, Ichigo agrees to help.[175]

When Sado returns to the hideout with some shopping, Giriko thanks him. He asks what the box on the table is and Jackie tells him that it is Riruka's doll house, inside which Ichigo is doing his Fullbring training. He is stunned by this and Riruka tells him that it is better to start quickly. She asks if he is going to join in the complaints against her way of doing things. Sado removes the roof of the house and tells Ichigo to that his substitute Shinigami badge is the best thing he can think of to use for Fullbring.[176] As Ichigo is fighting Mr. Pork in his "Full Beast Mode", Sado turns to Riruka and tells her they need to get Ichigo out of the box. However, Giriko reveals his power "Time Tells No Lies" and tells Sado and Riruka that that they cannot release Ichigo until he has defeated Mr. Pork. When Ichigo is wondering how he can use Fullbring on his substitute badge, Sado shouts "Pride!" He goes on to explain that his Fullbring is his skin, which he has kept pride in. Thanks to his abuelo, he has kept this pride in his heart. He tells Ichigo to find a time when he felt pride as a Shinigami, and his heart will activate the badge. Sado then witnesses as Ichigo's Fullbring is released.[177]

Ichigo and Sado rush to Orihime

Sado and Ichigo arrive at Orihime's apartment to check on her.

Sado and Ichigo later walk back to his home. He tells Ichigo that Orihime has been bringing him leftover bread everyday lately. Ichigo tells Sado that she is worried about him and that he should call her. Sado tells Ichigo that she leaves him too much and that he will give half of it to Ichigo. But when Sado arrives at his door and reaches for the bread, he notices something is wrong with her reiatsu and shouts at Ichigo that something happened to her.[178] Sado warns Ichigo against calling Orihime in case the distraction causes her death.[179] They arrive at her apartment to find Orihime stunned and alone but unharmed. She franticly brushes off their concern with a bad lie that causes the two of them to be suspicious with Sado later silently agreeing with her precautions regarding Ichigo being vulnerable, and tells him not to worry about her.[180]

Orihime walks into a pole while talking with Sado on her phone. Sado, hearing the noise, asks if she is okay. She tells him that she is and apologizes. She tells him that she is certain she was cut, but by the time she came to, he and Shishigawara were gone and there was no wound. Orihime reveals that when Sado and Ichigo arrived on the scene she thought for a second that Tsukishima was her friend. She says that she does not understand it and rather than mistaking him for a friend, it felt like an old memory, leaving Sado shocked. Orihime tells him to be careful as she believes that Tsukishima's power is scary. Sado agrees and then asks for the two attackers' names and he tells him their names, though she mistakenly says Shishigawara's name as Sushigawara.[181]

After speaking with Orihime, Sado meets with Kūgo at the Xcution headquarters. Kūgo tells him that Ichigo had already started his next training phase. Sado asks what Tsukishima's abilities are.[182] Sado explains what Orihime told him and suspects that Tsukishima's Fullbring can alter the memories of those it cuts.[183] Kūgo, however, says that he already told Sado everything he knew about Tsukishima's Fullbring, and if he already knew about it, then he would have told Sado already. He tells him that Tsukishima's Fullbring is called Book of the End, and that it has an attack power so high that it can literally cut through anything, but it is the only thing that it can do. Sado asks if his Fullbring could have evolved since they last met, and Kūgo says that they cannot; Fullbring abilities cannot and will not change through growth. Sado argues that his Fullbring changed many times. Kūgo, however, explains that means that Sado simply could not access his Fullbring to its fullest ability until he reached a level that he could, and that the rest of the members of Xcution had surpassed that stage a long time ago. Kūgo also explains that Orihime's explanation worries him, because to the best of his knowledge, Tsukishima's Fullbring didn't cause Orihime's memory distortion. Kūgo then asks about Uryū's condition, surprising Sado. Kūgo reminds Sado that Uryū was attacked and asks if he has the same memory problems. Sado tells him that Uryū apparently did not suffer the same memory distortion as Orihime did. Kūgo tells Sado that they had better be sure, because if Uryū is suffering from the same memory distortion, then they need to be worried about Tsukishima's abilities. However, if Uryū is not suffering from the conditions as Orihime, then whoever attacked Orihime may not have been Tsukishima at all.[184]

Chad attacks Tsukishima

Sado attacks Tsukishima

However, Tsukishima breaks into the room telling Kūgo not to be so sure about his theory, surprising everyone in the room. Sado watches Tsukishima as he greets everyone in the room. Noting that Jackie and Riruka are not in the room, Tsukishima attack Riruka's Fish Tank causing Ichigo to emerge, cloaked in Reiatsu shaped similarly to his Shinigami shihakūsho.[185] Sado realizes that Ichigo reached a new stage of his Fullbring, and that it is similar to his Bankai, and to be cloaked in power is Ichigo's true self. Ichigo attacks Tsukishima and asks who he is. Sado realizes the dangers of not knowing who Tsukishima is and attacks him after he identifies himself to Ichigo. Sado lands on the roof and Kūgo scolds him, remarking that they can now tell Ichigo about Tsukishima. Sado remarks that it would be a risk, as they do not know how powerful Ichigo's Fullbring is yet, nor do they know how much control he has over it. He further explains that if they explain what he did to Orihime, then his performance might suffer. Ichigo, however overhears this and realizes that they only avoided telling Ichigo anything because they were trying to protect him, which he did not realize. Tsukishima lands on the rooftop as well, causing Ichigo to attack him. As Ichigo fights, Sado notes that Ichigo progressed immensely on his Fullbring training. However, Tsukishima gains the upper hand in their fight, causing Kūgo to stop his attack with his own Fullbring.[186]

Sado later stops Ichigo from trying to interfere with Kūgo and Tsukishima's fight. Sado tells Ichigo that Tsukishima is way ahead of him and is impossible for Ichigo to win at his current state. But Ichigo does not listen to Sado and rushes off to fight.[187] After their encounter with Tsukishima, Sado runs into Orihime. He asks her if she was just at the hospital and she replies yes and that she healed Uryū. He says he wanted to hear how Uryū was and she can tell him on the way. Orihime asks where they are going and he responds that they are going to Ichigo as he will need Orihime's powers in the next stage of his training.[188] As they arrive at Xcution's back-up headquarters, Riruka jumps off the building and asks who Sado is with. He responds that it is Orihime and Riruka grins a little. Riruka talks to Orihime and says that Sado told them about her. Sado tries to get her to stop antagonizing Orihime but she continues before Orihime points out Riruka's feelings for Ichigo and then says that she will heal Ichigo no matter what and they all continue on up to Yukio.[189]

Sado enters training room

Sado enters the training room that Yukio made for him.

After Orihime enters Yukio's game, Ichigo says that Sado must have brought her there. Sado enters and says that he did and that he knows Ichigo did not want to get her involved but he will need her. Kūgo begins saying something to Sado but he interrupts saying that he did not come there to back up Ichigo. He says he had Yukio make him his own room where he can train, saying he cannot afford to sit around if he wants to fight Tsukishima again. Kūgo acknowledges this and tells him to do as he will. He enters the room and reflects on the encounter with Tsukishima and remembers that he was attacked by Tsukishima but no one noticed he was stabbed. He says that everything is how Orihime described it and that Tsukishima's powers are a mystery and that he needs to gain more power if he is going to fight back.[190] Once Ichigo finishes his training, Sado leaves Yukio's Fullbring along with Ichigo and Orihime.[191]

Chad punches Ichigo

Sado attacks Ichigo

Later, when Ichigo declares that he would kill Tsukishima, Sado punches through the window of the room that Ichigo and Tsukishima were fighting in and he along with Orihime defend Tsukishima.[192] Orihime heals Tsukishima's arm, causing Ichigo to state that he can't believe that Sado and Orihime are the same as the others. Sado is confused by Ichigo's words and states that he's conflicted, not because they're the "same", but because they're "different". He asks Ichigo why he's attacking Tsukishima, and both him and Orihime tell him that he only saved Rukia and defeated Aizen because Tsukishima helped him. Tsukishima appears behind Ichigo and asks him if he understands, but Ichigo lashes out at him[193] Ichigo continues to attack Tsukishima, but Orihime stops his attack with her Santen Kesshun. Sado then appears next to Ichigo and tries to attack him with his Brazo Derecha de Gigante, but Ichigo manages to block the attack. Sado states that he didn't become stronger so he can fight with Ichigo and attacks him with his Brazo Izquierda del Diablo, which pushes Ichigo out of the mansion.[194]


Sado at a breaking point due to Book of the End.

Later, Sado and Orihime find Ichigo with his Shinigami powers restored. Both he and Orihime notice that Rukia, Renji, and Hitsugaya are there as well. Orihime thinks they have come to stop Ichigo, but Sado notes that they look like they are there to help Ichigo and kill Kūgo. Tsukishima then comes behind Sado and Orihime and asks them if they doubt their memories. Tsukishima asks Orihime who protected her from her parents and raised her, and he asks Sado who gave him his coin. He answers that he did both. Kūgo tries to stop Tsukishima from saying anything else, but then Sado and Orihime both feel strange. They are both knocked out by Urahara and Isshin shortly afterwards.[195] They are brought to Urahara's shop and after Tsukishima is defeated, they become stable. They are left in the care of Tessai and Isshin.[196]

The Thousand-Year Blood War arc

File:Ichigo and friends fight Hollows.png

While Ichigo is fighting the Hollows that attacked Ryūnosuke Yuki and Shino, Sado arrives with Uryū and Orihime, and they help him in the fight. Two days later, they arrive at Ichigo's house and Sado agrees with Uryū that Ichigo has no etiquette.[197] Sado wonders who Asguiaro Ebern is and tells Ichigo that he'll help him fight when he's done with the bread that Orihime brought.[198] When Ichigo returns, Sado learns about the death of Chōjirō Tadaoki Sasakibe.[199]

Orihime, Sado and Uryū return to Ichigo's house at his request to hear from Nel Tu and Pesche about the Vandenreich's conquest of Hueco Mundo and capture of various Arrancar, including Dondochakka. The group begin to discuss rescuing them when Urahara arrives and offers to facilitate their entry to Hueco Mundo.[200] Along with Ichigo, Orihime, Urahara, Nel and Pesche, Sado travels to Hueco Mundo, where they notice the large number of dead bodies. When Ichigo goes to rescue a group of captured Arrancar, Urahara wonders if Ichigo realizes that he is going to help those that were his enemies just recently. Sado states that because Pesche and Nel know that Ichigo is that kind of person, they trust him to do something about the situation. Sado sets off in pursuit of Ichigo.[201] When Ichigo begins to yell at Nel, Sado reminds him to be quiet.[202]

File:Chapter 491 Chad brings Arrancar to Orihime.jpg

While Ichigo is fighting the Quincy, Sado brings unconscious bodies of six Arrancar under Orihime's barrier.[203] As Ichigo fights Quilge Opie, who has activated his Quincy: Vollständig, Quilge begins to absorb Reishi from his surroundings, including Orihime's Santen Kesshun, which surprises her. Sado notes that everything around them composed of Reishi, including the rocks, sand, trees, and buildings, are being absorbed by Quilge's technique.[204] Emilou Apacci, Franceska Mila Rose, and Cyan Sung-Sun regain consciousness and summon Ayon, who attacks Quilge.[205] Sado is stunned by the beast's immense power as it releases its Reiatsu and Apacci describes its origins, advising them to get away to ensure their own survival.[206] He watches as Ayon badly beats Quilge, thinking that he is going too far when it becomes clear Quilge's neck is broken. However, Quilge survives and attacks Apacci when she gloats. He gets back up, snapping his neck into place, stating that he will need to report this to his leader before demanding they all die quickly.[207]


Ayon retaliates and tries to attack Quilge, but he uses Sklaverei to absorb the Reishi making up Ayon's body, causing Mila Rose and Sung-Sun to retrieve Apacci and try to conceal themselves, along with Sado, Orihime, and Nel, with Muda. However, Quilge is able to locate them easily, and his Sklaverei not only affects Mila Rose and Sung-Sun, but Sado and Orihime as well. Ichigo then activates his Bankai and attacks Quilge, stopping his attack on his friends and the Arrancar, reasoning that if he crushes Quilge's head, he won't be able to use Sklaverei any more.[208] As Ichigo fights Quilge, he enrages him, causing Urahara to wound Quilge, so Ichigo can go to the Soul Society.[209] Sado and Orihime approach Urahara soon after. Urahara asks them to search Quilge's body for the medallion he used to try to seal Ichigo's Bankai, as they need to analyze the enemy.[210] However, as Urahara is explaining Quilge's powers to Akon, Quilge recovers using Ransōtengai and wounds Sado and Urahara before proceeding to trap Ichigo in a cage of Reishi.[211] After Quilge traps Ichigo inside the Dangai, he turns his head towards Sado and Orihime.[212]

Powers & Abilities

Superhuman Strength: Sado possesses a remarkable amount of strength for a Human. He was capable of lifting a steel beam that had fallen on him with little effort.[213] He can effortlessly throw another person a half a block away with only one arm.[214] Sado was able to battle a Hollow with his bare fists and is strong enough to break a telephone pole and swing it like a bat.[215] He was able to effortlessly throw off the Hollow creature helpers of Shrieker.[216] His strength is further enhanced with his armored arms, allowing him to take on those bigger than himself with relative ease as a single punch he was able to take left arm off the Hollow, Bulbous G.[217] He has also show enough skill to aid himself in a safe descent to the ground when falling from high above with tremendous force.[218] He is so strong that he was able to effortlessly punch a 3rd Seat Shinigami, sending him flying away half a block, defeating him.[219] His strength is such that he could punch a large Arrancar in the face, shattering his mask remnant and send him flying a good distance. [220] In its true form, his right arm is powerful enough to take on a former Espada and send him flying a great distance through a wall and giving him a considerable injury.[221] With his left arm, he is powerful enough to stop and crush Gantenbainne's most powerful attack.[222]

  • Chad Catapult (チャド・カタプルト, Chado Katapuruto):[223] a technique used by Sado to launch Rukia into the air.[224]
  • Grua Tirar (クレーン投げ(グルーア・ティラール), Gurūa Tirāru; Japanese and Spanish for "Crane-Throw")[225] a technique involving a shoulder throw, reminiscent of seoi-nage, that allows Sado to hurl even an opponent of gigantic proportions effortlessly.[226]

Enhanced Durability: Sado is unnaturally highly resistant to damage. He was able to withstand a falling steel beam, which bent upon contact with his back, with minor injury but relatively unfazed.[227] He was able to take a head-on collision with a motorcycle; while the driver was seriously injured, he walked away with only minor injuries.[228] He was able to sustain a clawed attack to his back by the Hollow Shrieker, that would have been fatal for anyone else.[229] When his arms are armored, he seems to attain an even greater level of endurance, allowing him to take relentless beatings as well as being thrown into structures without showing any signs of injury.[230] His durability also becomes great enough to block incoming attacks and blasts.[231] He is also shown to be highly resilient mentally, able to endure a powerful attack to his psyche and continue fighting.[232] In its true form, his right arm is durable enough to effortlessly block attacks from a former Espada.[233]

Spiritual Awareness: After his encounter with the parakeet containing the soul of Yūichi Shibata, he started to detect the approximate locations of spirits and Hollows, but could not fully see them.[234][235][236] Only after saving Karin Kurosaki from a Hollow, during the Hollow-slaying match between Uryū and Ichigo, did Sado begin to fully see spirits.[237][238]

Enhanced Speed: Sado's speed is above that of an average Human.[239] The recent furtherance of Sado's powers seem to augment his natural agility to the point where his reaction time became sufficient enough to anticipate high-speed attacks and counter them. During his fight with Gantenbainne, Sado develops a level of speed that can easily keep up with that of Sonído, even capable of appearing behind his opponent and attacking.[240]

High Spiritual Power: He commonly uses spiritual energy to augment the strength of his punches.[241] During his basics training in spirit energy with Kūkaku Shiba, Sado was shown to have intensely strong and high levels of spiritual energy, though the Shiba Clan cannon orb was unstable.[242] Ever since coming to Hueco Mundo, Sado felt that something about the power inside him was different than when he was in the Human World. He was confused by that and up until his fight with Gantenbainne Mosqueda, his power had eluded him. But after that he was finally able to grasp it, and was from then on, he was able to fight with his full strength.[243] Ever since he came to Hueco Mundo he had felt the power inside him rustling, something he never felt while in Soul Society. The resulting increased the deeper he went into Hueco Mundo and it was the beating he received from Gantenbainne that caused the rustling to settle down. Upon coming to Hueco Mundo, his power has been happily crying out like it had come home and through the violent welcome, of its brethren reclaimed its sanity. Sado acknowledges that his power is less like a Shinigami's or Quincy's and more like that of a Hollow.[244] This allowed him to fully tap his powers, which manifests as armor on both arms, instead of just his right.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: While never officially trained, Yasutora Sado has shown himself a powerful fighter even when outnumbered.


Brazo Derecha de Gigante (巨人の右腕 (ブラソ・デレチャ・デ・ヒガンテ), buraso derecha de higante; Spanish and Japanese for "Right Arm of the Giant") (Brazo Derecho del Gigante in the English dub and English manga).[245] Originally it was thought that by encountering the spiritual form of Ichigo Kurosaki constantly, Sado's natural spiritual powers were pulled from the depths of his soul.[246] This power is actually a product of Fullbring.[247] Sado states that when he first used his power, it awoke because of the pride that had been instilled in his heart by his 'abuelo' and that the object that acted as the source of his Fullbring was the skin on his arms.[248]

Sado Second Form

First Form of Sado's arm.

  • First Form (formerly): He covers his right arm all the way up to his shoulder in a liquid which then solidifies into a form of armor. The shoulder fans out a bit into an upward extension parallel to his height. It has an indentation at the top in the middle of the extension stopping just where his shoulder begins separating the upward extension into two. There are two wing-like protrusions on either side of his wrist. The arm is black with a dark magenta strip running down the middle of the arm tapering down towards a point that stops at the wrist. The dark magenta strip is outlined by a thin white line. These patterns are both on the top as well as the underside of his arm.[249]
  • Spiritual Energy Blasts: He is able to fire powerful energy blasts from his fist. After receiving advanced training from Yoruichi Shihōin, Sado learns to activate his powers at will and gains sufficient stamina to fire multiple blasts.[250] These spiritual energy blasts have become more powerful with each form taken. He is able to fire them effortlessly.[251] Sado is able to gather energy through the shield portion of his right arm and fire it in the form of a powerful massive energy blast from his arm.[252] This power works in all forms.
Chad El Directo

The Second Form using El Directo.

  • Second Form: He covers his right arm all the way up to his shoulder in a liquid which then solidifies into a form of armor. The shoulder extension becomes pointed as well as slightly longer, making it a little bit taller than Sado. The arm maintains its black color, but the magenta becomes slightly lighter and the design becomes more intricate, while the white is lost altogether.[253]
  • El Directo (巨人の一撃 (エル・ディレクト), eru direkuto; Spanish for "The Direct", Japanese for "One Strike of the Giant"): A powerful special attack learned upon attaining the second form. The ends of the extension on Sado's shoulder opens up and charges up spiritual energy, appearing somewhat like the flaming exhaust from a car engine, and then he releases a huge blast of spiritual energy that he can use to augment his punches or simply as a concentrated medium to long-range attack.[254]
Brazo Derecha de Gigante

The Third Form of Brazo Derecha de Gigante.

  • True Second Form (Defensive Shield): He covers his right arm all the way up to the shoulder in a liquid which solidifies into a form of armor. Brazo Derecha de Gigante becomes a shield that extends from his hand to some distance beyond his forearm with the same intricate pattern as before, surrounding what appears to be Hollow-like teeth in the center and what appears to be a rose like pattern or skeletal nose and eyes near the end. He also loses the wing-like protrusion which extended from his shoulder, replaced with an hexagonal plate sitting over his shoulder. In this form, it is used for defense instead of offense (though it's still more powerful offensively than his original arm).[255] This is the true form of his right arm and its true power.[256] Sado says that "the soul of his Abuelo flows through his right arm," speaking metaphorically of his grandfather's teachings. What his abuelo taught him was to protect and that is why what dwells in his right arm is a defensive power.[257]
Brazo Izquierda del Diablo

Sado's armored left arm, Brazo Izquierda del Diablo.

Brazo Izquierda del Diablo (悪魔の左腕 (ブラソ・イスキエルダ・デル・ディアブロ), buraso isukieruda deru diaburo; Spanish and Japanese for "Left Arm of the Devil") (Brazo Izquierdo del Diablo in the English dub): [258] He covers his left arm all the way up to the shoulder with a liquid which solidifies into a form of armor. The arm is white, with a red stripe running down the length of the center. His fingertips of red diamond shaped marks on them. A spike protrudes from the shoulder and two more resembling claws extend over his chest. This is the offensive power within him.

La Muerte

La Muerte.

  • La Muerte (魔人の一撃 (ラ・ムエルテ), ra muerute; Spanish for "The Death", Japanese for "One Strike of the Demon") (El Muerte in the English manga): A powerful special attack. La Muerte is swung from his left arm by grasping spiritual power focused on the five fingers. Those who are struck by it are like sacrifices crucified and offered to the devil.[259] His finger tips charge in the forms of five disks of crackling spiritual energy, then he forms a fist and punches his opponent. The blow is devastating and upon contact, a huge skull-shape is created upon the surface behind the target. The power can easily defeat a Privaron Espada, and is most likely Sado's strongest attack, as it comes from the arm formed from Sado's will to attack, rather than defend.[260]



Differences between the anime and manga.

Sado's injuries from his first encounter with Yammy Llargo were drastically toned down in the anime. In the manga, his armored arm was literally torn off and broke into two,[261] while in the anime, his arm merely had several deep cuts in it.[262]

Appearances in Other Media

Sado appears in most of the Bleach video games, having appeared in every installment of the Bleach: Heat the Soul series as of the first, as well as many other Bleach video games.

Sado has appeared in;

In Bleach: Blade Battlers 2nd and Bleach: Heat the Soul 4, Sado can use his right arm's second form.

In Bleach: The 3rd Phantom, Bleach: Versus Crusade, and Bleach: Heat the Soul 5, 6, and 7, he is playable with both the second and true forms of the Brazo Derecha de Gigante, as well as his new left arm, Brazo Izquierda del Diablo.

In Bleach: The Blade of Fate and Bleach: Dark Souls, his Super attacks are called Infinity Knuckle, Marvelous Blow, and Ultimate Finish.

In Bleach: Soul Carnival, Sado has Kyōjin no Rengeki (巨人の連激, lit. "Serial Surge of the Giant"), Majin no Shōgeki (魔人の衝撃, lit. "Impact of the Devil"), and Majin no Kengeki (魔人の拳撃, lit. "Fist Strike of the Devil") as attacks.

Sado also appears in the movies Bleach: Memories of Nobody, Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion and Bleach: Hell Chapter.


  • His theme song according to Tite Kubo is "No Song Unheard" by the Hellacopters.
  • Although their interaction is never shown in either the manga or the anime, in the Bleach Bootleg it is stated that Sado gave Hisagi instructions on how to play the guitar.
  • In the Bleach popularity polls, Sado has ranked 6th, 14th, 31st and 18th.


  • (About Rukia Kuchiki) "Ichigo wants to save her. Ichigo went all out for her, and that's enough. That's all the reason I need to put my life on the line for anything." [264]
  • (About the coin his Abuelo gave him) "That's right. Very important. Maybe even more important than my life." [265]
  • (To Demoura Zodd) "Sorry. The truth is, I don't like doing things like dealing the deathblow to opponents who have lost the will to fight. But this time, it seems I can't even say such naive things." [266]
  • (To Gantenbainne Mosqueda) "Because you fought me with all your might, I was able to grasp my power. Thanks. Because of you, I'll be able to tough it out ahead. I'll spare your life and pray for your good fortune." [268]

Battles & Events


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