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Takayuki Furuichi
Takayuki Furuichi

古市 貴之


Furuichi Takayuki

Other Name(s)
  • "Creepichi"
  • "The Strategist"
Personal Info

Male Male


15-16 years old


175 cm (5'9")

Blood Type





November 11 (Scorpio)


Scorpio ♏

Current Status

Alive (Active)

Professional Status

High School Student


Tatsumi Oga

Voice Actor(s)
Japanese Voice Actor(s)

Chapter 1


Episode 1


The Baby I Picked Up Is the Great Demon Lord!?

Takayuki Furuichi (古市 貴之, Furuichi Takayuki) ( Takachin as Misaki nicknames him or Furu-chin as Satura nicknames him[1]) is one of the main protagonists of the manga and anime of Beelzebub.


Furuichi has silver hair, something peculiar about his hair is the bang in the middle of his hair, this comically acts as his "Hot chick detector" and the hair stands on end when Furuichi spots a girl of interest. He is usually seen wearing the high school uniforms of the schools he attends to due to his non-delinquent attitude. He often retains a calm face but when Oga or other characters do something outrageous, he turns insane in a somewhat comical fashion.



Although Furuichi does retain a rational, passive and calm demeanor, he usually reacts in an insane (but often comical) fashion whenever a character does something outrageous. This usually comes as a surprise to the others around him.

File:Furuichi fantasy.jpg

He also has an overly wild imagination when it comes to women, always fantisizing about them in a overly perverted manner which earned him his common nickname among the female characters "Creepichi". Despite his desire to hit it off with the ladies, he often fails to please them or get their attention because most of them, demon or human, are stronger than him and many moments of comic relief in the series arise when his advances on girls are foiled, particularly by Alaindelon.

His attitude changes when women are involved in a situation. Out of sheer instinct, Furuichi acts "cool" in order to impress the woman involved. He is shown to gain some bravery from it, but this often gets him into bigger trouble than he already is in.

He especially envies Oga for being the object of Kunieda's love and for living with Hilda under the same roof. He also has no power or fighting ability, and does his best to avoid conflict.

Furuichi is the first one to try to think of how to avoid a problem, rather than trying to use force (which he lacks). Due to this as well as his close association with the delinquets despite not having a rough personality at all himself, many mistakenly consider him a "strategist" or "ring leader" for the delinquents. This happens in comical effect since Furuichi rarely does anything of the sort, and these accusations normally land him in trouble. The teachers at St. Ishiyama assumed he planned the entire fight against the Rokkisei and thus consider him for expulsion, and En believes him to be Oga's general with a full army at his command (thus prompting him to challenge Furuichi for his life).

A lot of Furuichi's real personality is revealed after he gains the Devil Contract Tissus. After he realizes how strong he's become from using them, he became intoxicated by this power sets out to make everyone know he is no longer the weak, creep, perverted lolicon they all call him, and somehow charm the hearts of all the female characters. When fighting against Oga he shows amazing determination, something that Oga notes that he had since long ago. He seems to be oblivious or able to ignore the pain that the demonic power causes him, something that Behemoth noticed. It is later revealed that Furuichi's happy mask is really just a disguise and he feels hurt by everybody's scorn of him. He tells Oga that being called degrading nicknames and just laughing it off is really no different from being dead, so he really doesn't care if using the tissues kills him or not. This, coupled with the fact that he could go as far as call himself garbage in an attempt to dismiss his own grave situation,[2] suggests that Furuichi suffers from low self esteem and an inferiority complex that was exacerbated by being around Oga and the "deliquent world" in general, where strength is the most important thing, and as a weakling, he feels worthless.


File:Furuichi Meets Oga For The First Time.png

During the fifth grade, Furuichi was walking home when he saw his new classmate, Tatsumi Oga, both of whom were in Class 5-3. Nervous, he introduced himself to the young boy and asked whether they can walk home together. However, he was simply told not to stand behind the boy and was left puzzled by the statement. As Oga then continued on his way, Furuichi started running after him and shouting his name.[3]

File:Furuichi Tries To Go With Oga.png

Furuichi ended up following Oga to the city and remained adamant about staying with him, brushing off Oga's inadvertent insults and attempts to intimidate him with the dangers of the city. He even asked whether Furuichi has been in a fight before, which the boy stated could have never happened. Eventually, Oga allowed Furuichi to come with him but asked that he does not stand behind him; Furuichi agreed to do so and followed Oga.[4]

File:Oga & Furuichi Meet The Red Tail.png

The two boys went to the arcade where the Red Tail are at. Upon seeing the female delinquents, Furuichi became scared. He then became surprised at how familiar they were with Oga and was even more bewildered when he learned that the girls' leader was Oga's older sister, Misaki. When meeting the leader, Furuichi noted that she was pretty but was subsequently alarmed by her violent nature. Frightened, he stood stiff even as Shizuku Itoi introduced herself to him. Furuichi eventually calmed down from his scares and even asked Oga whether they can stay, noting that the women are pretty; he was then told that he was weird, annoying Furuichi. Because of his remark, both boys were invited to a party with the Red Tail, making Furuichi very happy. The two boys then join the older girls later in the evening.[5]

File:Furuichi About To Be Attacked.png

However, the party was revealed to be a simply brawl between the Red Tail and a biker gang from Donbura High School; Furuichi was shocked once he discovered the fact upon arriving. Throughout the fights, Furuichi covered his head in the back, frantically thinking about how an elementary school kid with a backpack is out of place in a delinquent brawl. However, he became surprised to see Oga fitting well amongst the delinquents; distracted, he did not see a delinquent about to attack him, though he was fortunately protected by Oga. Furuichi then learned that Oga was trying to protect him; though aware of the fact, he paid more attention to how Oga's expression had changed while fighting.[6]

File:Misaki Asks Furuichi To Be Oga's Friend.png

After the brawl was over, Misaki approached Furuichi. Furuichi introduced himself to her and was given the nickname "Takachin" afterward. He was then told by Misaki to take care of her younger brother, whom she believed would want a friend despite his appearance.[7]

Furuichi later approached Oga at school after the "party". He asked whether Oga always got into fights and was awed at his answer. Afterwards, a group of boys asked Furuichi to come and play with them; Furuichi joined them after being advised to by Oga. During the game, Furuichi looked back at his homeroom and saw Oga watching his classmates play altogether, concerning the young boy.[7]

File:Tatsumi & Takachin.png

Once school ended, Furuichi approached Oga again on his way home. He asked whether Oga was going to have another fight and declared that, if he wanted to fight so badly, he would be Oga's opponent.[8] Watching Oga walk away, annoyed, Furuichi stated that he would be the winner by default if Oga will not fight him; thus, the two begin their fight. Furuichi first pressured Oga into fighting more by threatening to tell their classmates about how he used a girl's bathroom, then he began to fight back physically, though he was easily beaten up several times. Despite so, Furuichi managed to keep rising up despite his weaknesses. On the verge of defeat, Furuichi finally Oga that he did not like his attitude and that he should not prevent others from being his friend; Furuichi also admitted how happy he was to hang out with Oga during the other day. Unfortunately, he was then defeated and left to lie on the ground, listening to Oga talk about how friends had always been towards him. When he started walking away, Furuichi rose back up and hurried towards Oga's side, saying that he will stand next to him rather than from behind. He then thanked Oga for taking care of him before, knowing how weak he was. Oga laughed at his remark and Furuichi ended up smiling; together, they went to go fight someone else, though Furuichi stated that he would hide before the fight would begin. Furuichi later told to himself that he hoped that Oga will find a friend who can stand behind his back without causing him worry.[9]

File:The First Pokopen Incident.png

One day, Oga and Furuichi went about "pokopenning" everything behind their school. They continued to "pokopen" things while heading home. On their way, they were approached by a woman who asked whether they know about "pokopen"; Furuichi explained to the women about what they have been doing all day. The two boys then watched as the woman left and stated that she was also a "pokopen", which made Furuichi wonder what a "pokopen" actually was. This incident would later be remembered as "The First Pokopen Incident".[10]


Tōhōshinki Arc

Furuichi is Oga's best friend, a first year student like him in Ishiyama High School. After finding out about Oga's baby, he joins him up in his search for a new parent. He is actually the most normal person in the anime/manga because he tries to add common sense to everything. However, Furuichi is rather perverted and often tries to commit perverted acts that ultimately end in him being beaten up. In his fights against the Tohoushinki, Furuichi always tries to dissuade Oga from fighting, since he doesn't want to have trouble himself, being connected to Oga as his best friend. He does that with Kanzaki with no result and yet Oga's actions result in him being kidnapped, together with Hilda, by Himekawa even though the BoB Brawler saves the two of them. He has instead some kind of attraction for "Queen" Kunieda.
File:Furuichi Relaxing.png
He wants instead Oga to meet the third Tohoushinki but to fulfill his Libido desire, even though he's annoyed by the feelings of her towards Oga. At last, Furuichi being quite scared by the Ishiyama's Strongest, he is worried of Oga's fight with Tojou. Anyway, he surrenders to Oga's resolution and watches his friend fighting. He's sleeping during Ishiyama's assault by Oga, Kanzaki and Himekawa, and he only rushes in because of Alaindelon, who woke him up and forced him to watch the final fight between his friend and the last Tohoushinki. After the fight, together with Oga and Lamia, he ends up stuck in the Demon World, where he frees Alaindelon's daughter, Angelica, who was kidnapped by some Criminal Demon Guild; he shows some kind of infatuation towards the demon girl. When he comes back, he's transferred together with Oga, the Tohoushinki and other Ishiyama Delinquents, in Saint Ishiyama High.

Saint Ishiyama Academy Arc

He is put in the same class as Oga, the Tohoushinki and their underlings and the MK5. Together with Oga, he meets Azusa and Kazuya, whom he starts a good relation, since he respects Furuichi as a great strategist. When the Rokki-Sei begin to move, Furuichi has some nostalgic meeting: he meets his and Oga's middle school friend, Hisaya Miki. He talks with him of the past times spent together, and as Furuichi asks for the Rokki-Sei, Miki reveals to be one of them. He assists at the fight between the Rokki-Sei and the Ishiyama on the school's rooftop, and he's later accused of taking part into it and expelled after meeting with Professor Kido with the other responsables of the fight. However he participates to the Volleyball match that could win Ishiyama's retreat of Expulsion. The day before the match he's with Oga and enters in Miki's dojo. Here he stares at the fight between Oga and Miki and we acknowledge of the three's past. Back in 3 years Ago, at Kata Middle High, Miki, Oga and Furuichi used to be best friend and to spend so much time together; anyway, after a group of delinquents beaten up by Oga before attacked Miki and when the Rampaging Ogre comes into the fight he claims he doesn't know Miki and after having punched his friend, he beats the delinquents, and after Miki's transfer in Nara, this one splits with the other two. Furuichi doesn't have a key role in the Volleyball match and neither in the final reunion with Kiriya, the delinquent who fought with Oga and Miki in Middle High.

Prince En Arc

Was seen with Oga, accompanying him to the amusement park.

Akumano Academy Arc

Furuichi returned from his forced training trip (Due to Lamia and Alaindelon leaving him on the island) to meet up with the other Ishiyama students to see their rebuild school only to find that the school was supposedly "Akumano Academy" with it using the same name that he made up so that Ishiyama wouldn't find out that Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division were actually demons.

File:Oga and Furuichi bittering.jpg

Inferring that it was their base he tried to stop them from raiding the school but he ended up joining in. Even though, he tried to keep them from getting into a battle with some of the demon 'students' that came to stop them and was happy that kunieda came to save them.

Later, he finds Oga in the Infirmary, after his battle with Jabberwock, and continues to insult him for not being beaten but after seeing Lamia cry him and Oga left the room saying that they would take of the situation and not to cry.

Furuichi at first participated in Zenjuro Saotome's training but escaped after everyone was paired up and begun sparring.After complaining that he should have went with Oga on his training trip he runs into Alanideon and they discuss the situation.

When he's comes home he angrily finds Oga and Lamia in his house with them asking for him to go buy them some cake. And then tried to persuade Oga not to raid the school by himself after hearing his plans.

But after Yolda appeared and revealed that Hilda was captured he couldn't say anything to convince Oga from stopping. While Oga battled his many oppoents Furuichi and Lamia watched from a distance with him giving Oga directions among other things.

Mobichi Arc

File:Furuichi Having A Cold.png

Despite having a cold, Furuichi goes to school and brings a box of tissues with him. He mentions to Nene after class that he has been having a cold since the day before; upon hearing that, Aoi suggests that Furuichi go to the infirmary. Furuichi immediately asks if she could take him there and receives cold insults from the girls of the Red Tail.[11]

File:Furuichi Punches Oga.png

He eventually goes alone and brings his tissues with him; on the way, he remarks that he has been getting worse treatment from his peers despite coming to school with a cold. Furuichi then sees Oga and Baby Beel in the hallways and, though initially happy to see Oga, becomes annoyed when he asks for melon bread, for which he is then refused by Furuichi. Furuichi ends up running out of tissues but then finds that he still has the tissues from the Great Demon Lord; not wanting to waste any, he rolls them up and stuffs them in his nostrils, though he later complains that they ruin his complexion. While on his way to the infirmary with Oga, Furuichi suddenly smells a flowery scent and then sees a bug land on Oga; while trying to get rid of the bug, he suddenly punches Oga, which surprises even him. Fearing Oga's wrath, Furuichi runs away until he hears a voice call out to him. After hearing the voice, Furuichi turns back and eventually defeats Oga; still frightened, he flees.[12]

Running out into the courtyards, Furuichi contemplates on what had occurred with Oga just moments prior.[13]

File:Furuichi Fighting The Troublemakers.png

Furuichi eventually sees a group of students bullying a weaker one nearby. Wanting to test out his abilities more, Furuichi approaches the group and challenges them to a fight; although initially confident after they recognize him as an Ishiyama student, the troublemakers start making fun of him after realizing who he is, causing Furuichi to wonder who is responsible for spreading such slanderous rumors behind his back. They all end up fighting anyway and Furuichi manages to easily defeat the troublemakers, even retrieving the stolen wallets from them, which he states he will return if they can tell him who they stole them from.[14]

File:Furuichi Blocks Miki's Attack.png

As Furuichi starts collecting them, he is approached by Miki. Though initially worried of the consequences for fighting, Furuichi is surprised that Miki does not care much about the actual fight itself, but rather in his new powers. Wanting to test out his strength further, Furuichi taunts Miki and challenges him to a fight. They engage in a battle which Furuichi quickly wins after headbutting Miki, which he does after blocking the latter's special technique.[15]

Afterwards, Furuichi heads to the rooftop where he laughs and declares that his era has come.[16]

Furuichi later heads down from the rooftop but approaches the MK5 just after he leaves. Still overconfident about himself, he challenges them to a fight and swiftly defeats them. He takes his leave but is stopped by Ikari, who angrily asks him how he became so strong in such a short matter of time; Furuichi simply states that the difference in talent between them is great. With that said, all members of the MK5 ask him to take them on as their disciple which Furuichi bluntly refuses.[17]

File:Furuichi Fantasizing.png

While strolling through the hallways, he starts thinking with glee about how he just won against a varied sort of people with his own strength. Laughing with excitement, Furuichi's mind drifts into a fantasy about defeating the Tōhōshinki and gaining their respect. He then starts thinking about gaining affectionate admiration from the Red Tail girls, and then from even Hilda. Furuichi eventually starts drooling after thinking about his opportunities with someone like Hilda.[18]

File:Hecadoth Appears Behind Furuichi.png

A voice behind him then remarks that he appears to be having fun; Furuichi responds by saying that power is an important element for students in Ishiyama. Suddenly, Furuichi becomes concerned and turns around to the see the Pillar General Hecadoth floating behind him. Scared, he then runs away while trying to rid himself of the unfamiliar Demon; he later discovers that Hecadoth presently lacks a physical form and therefore cannot bring harm to Furuichi. Furuichi eventually learns his name and that he has become much stronger because he has been using Hecadoth's strengths, rather than his own. He quickly develops an acquaintance with the Pillar General, though he laughs oddly when Hecadoth mentions that he enjoyed the punch on Oga earlier.[19] Sometime later, Furuichi learns about the toxins in the tissues but continues to use them, despite knowing the dangers.[20]

Furuichi later returns to his homeroom, evidently overflowing with overconfidence towards his fellow classmates. He condescendingly starts talking to Nene, then Kanzaki and Himekawa. Furuichi ends up taunting them both resulting in them having a fight out in the hallways.[21]

File:Furuichi & Shinki.png

Before the fight starts, Furuichi contemplates on taking down the "weakest" of the Tōhōshinki and asks Hecadoth whether they will be fine; he becomes satisfied after hearing Hecadoth's answer. He also realizes from the remarks from Kanzaki and Himekawa that they cannot see Hecadoth beside him. The fight commences shortly after; however, Furuichi immediately sneezes after it starts, inadvertently blowing the tissues from the nose and dispelling his contract with Hecadoth. As Kanzaki and Himekawa both gang up on him, Furuichi frantically calls for a timeout and begins stuffing more tissues into his nose, realizing that he needs to use them in order to summon more Demons.[22]

File:Furuichi Summons Agiel.png

Agiel is summoned just in time before Kanzaki and Himekawa can deal a powerful attack on Furuichi. Furuichi stands tall before his opponents, though he succumbs to his perversion when Agiel says that she will take good care of him.[23] He momentarily maintains a serious composure, having believed that Hecadoth would return after using his tissues again, though he then considers the fact that the tissues randomly summon members of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division. Furuichi then gazes at Agiel's outfit again and remarks repeatedly on how erotic it appears. Agiel then starts playing around with Furuichi's body which alarms him; eventually, she stops, and Furuichi focuses back on his fight. He makes a bet with Kanzaki and Himekawa that they should refer to him as "Big Brother Takayuki" if he wins, infuriating them and sparking the fight once again. However, Furuichi then finds himself at Agiel's control when she uses his body to target Aoi and tackle hug her, horrifying Furuichi when he realizes what she has done. When he even sees Chiaki refer to him as "trash" afterwards, he forces Agiel out from his body, surprising him. He is then beaten up by Aoi for still holding on to her body afterwards though, after enduring her attacks, he comments that he did not feel anything; he learns that it is because of Agiel's powers afterwards. With that in mind, Furuichi turns back his attention to his fight and swiftly takes down the Tōhōshinki with his Furuichi Rhapsody.[24]

Afterwards, Tōjō challenges Furuichi to a fight; Furuichi notes that it will be a fight for the top. Knowing that, Agiel abruptly takes her leave much to Furuichi's disappointment. Furuichi then starts summoning more Demons to the fight. He first summons Elim though he immediately dispels the contract after seeing her.[25]

File:Tōjō Defeated By Furuichi.png

Furuichi then summons Jabberwock, which frightens him.[26] Knowing Jabberwock's strength, Furuichi begins to wonder whether such a powerful man will be willing to help him fight against Human teenagers; he is somewhat relieved that Jabberwock is ready to fight, but is overwhelmed by the man's desire to kill, which Furuichi fruitlessly tries to prevent him from doing. Tōjō immediately begins the fight and Jabberwock takes control of Furuichi's body, easily defeating the third-year using the body of his host.[27]

File:Furuichi Swats At Imaginary Bugs.png

Sometime later, Furuichi drags himself along the buildings outside as he reflects on the fight with Tōjō. Suddenly, he sees bugs swarming around him and begins swatting them away. He sees Yamamura and Azusa nearby and asks whether they've been seeing a lot of bugs around the school recently; when he learns that they don't, Furuichi becomes surprised.[28]

Furuichi later confronts Oga and Baby Beel near the river, remarking that he is surprised to have been called out to such a place, though he then suggests whether it is because of the punch from the afternoon. He is then told to be given back the tissues, which Furuichi arrogantly refuses. Furuichi then tells Oga that his current self will defeat Oga on that day.[29] After standing towards each other for some time, Furuichi and Oga take their battle stances. Furuichi remarks that it brings back memories of their first fight with one another; however, the two start to derail from the main situation at hand so as to talk about the first time that they actually did fight. The two then yell at one another to start.[30]

File:Furuichi Summons Behemoth.png

Furuichi fights after summoning both Xoblah and Vabam; however, Oga ends up beating Furuichi after both summons which subsequently results in the Demons disappearing. After the second time, Furuichi angrily states that he only wants to defeat Oga while preparing to summon out another Demon. Before he does, he is told about the toxins in the tissues, though Furuichi states he already knows. As he stuffs more rolls of tissues in his nostrils, he states that death would be no different from being teased constantly by their peers every day; with that said, Behemoth appears and gladly lends his powers to Furuichi. Furuichi's body begins to suffer cuts from the amount of power flowing in his body. Nonetheless, he continues fighting and even manages to bring the fight to the river waters, where he and Oga clash one-on-one furiously just before the waters engulf them. The fight ends up rendering Furuichi unconscious which forces Oga to pull his body back to the mainland, where Lamia tends to their injuries with her treatment Muumuus.[31]

File:Lamia After Hitting Furuichi.png

While unconscious, Furuichi reminisces on his childhood. He soon wakes up and tells Lamia about it, only to be punched. Confused, he is told to continue lying down and does as he is told.[32] Eventually, Oga approaches him and asks for the tissues back, stating that Furuichi is strong enough without them; Furuichi is speechless at his words.[33]

Suddenly, the Shadow Force arrive to get their revenge on Oga. Moments later, all of the Ishiyama delinquents come looking for Furuichi, who has varied reactions with each group's arrival; nonetheless, when he sees them all gather around before him, he smiles with satisfaction.[34]

File:Lamia Blushes About The Misconceptions.png

Eventually, after his wounds heal up, Furuichi begins frantically apologizing to the male members of the Tōhōshinki while digging a hole in the ground, which he is later buried in by both Kanzaki and Himekawa after their angrily rebuff his apologies. Tōjō later pulls Furuichi from the ground and asks whether their rematch will have to be delayed because of his injuries, which Lamia confirms. Following Lamia's outburst, Yuka and Chiaki start accusing him of being a pedophile again which overwhelms Furuichi. He becomes even more upset after Oga attempts to explain that Furuichi is not who they think they are, though Furuichi is genuinely surprised to hear a final compliment from Oga. Afterwards, he becomes surprised when Chiaki apologizes but still refers to him as "trash".[35]

File:Furuichi Takes Back The Tissues.png

On the way home, an exhausted Furuichi returns his tissues to Oga, remarking that they are soggy from the river waters. Hilda takes them off his hands and says that she will burn them; though somewhat reluctant after hearing her words, Furuichi give them back anyhow. He is then kicked on the side by Oga for making him worry.[36] However, sometime later, Hilda returns the tissues back to Furuichi and explains that what she said earlier was so he would give them up. She adds that she wants Furuichi to defend Oga and Baby Beel whenever she cannot, hence why she is returning them.[37]

Saint Saint X'mas Arc

Return to Ishiyama High School Arc

File:Furuichi Talks About The Trial Nursery School.png

While Furuichi is hanging out with Oga, he learns about a "trial" nursery school that Oga can take Baby Beel to, and reads more from a flyer. He points out that they cannot be apart for more than fifteen meters; however, knowing that the boundaries have since loosened, Oga and Baby Beel demonstrate outside that they can now be apart for at least another three meters. Furthermore, Oga states that he may now be rid of the Demon infant once he spends enough time at the "trial" nursery school, resulting in a lecture from Furuichi about how it contradicts his previous words. Furuichi begins arguing with Oga until the latter pins him down and pulls his knees, causing an uncomfortable Furuichi to cry for mercy.[38]

File:Raita's Brother Threatens Furuichi.png

Sometime later, the two head to the "trial" nursery school with Baby Beel. There, Furuichi notices a young toddler named Raita with vulgar mannerisms, astonishing him. He and Oga end up garnering the attention of the toddler's older brother, who blatantly insults them both, nearly forcing Oga to retaliate; however, he is stopped by Furuichi, who moreover warns Oga about the repercussions should he fight in the building. Furuichi later ends up conversing with Raita's sibling. Furuichi explains that he and Oga are from Saint Ishiyama Academy and additionally learns that the other delinquent is actually from Ishiyama High School; moreover, it is revealed that a wealthy individual has been involved in Ishiyama's second reconstruction, whom Furuichi assumes is Himekawa.[39]

File:Furuichi Worries About Oga.png

The conversation eventually comes to a closure after the two teenagers, as well as Oga, notice that Raita is bullying Baby Beel. Furuichi watches as Baby Beel surprisingly react to the other toddler's hostility with a cheerful demeanor. He then explains to a confused Oga that Baby Beel is actually serious about making friends like he said before. Furuichi then overhears Raita's older brother laughing at what Baby Beel is doing; though initially worried about Oga, Furuichi notices that he is surprisingly calm.[40]

File:Eating At The Small Festival.png

On the first day of the new year, Furuichi and Oga attend a small festival being held at the Kunieda residence. They briefly pray to the Gods, albeit in an informal manner, before helping themselves to some of the food. Aoi sits beside them while they eat and converse. Oga eventually explains to them about a strange dream that he had involving Mount Fuji, a hawk, and an eggplant. Furuichi and Oga nearly get into another argument regarding the meaning of the latter's dream. However, this is prevented after Aoi offers them fortune cookies with meaningless messages; in Furuichi's fortune cookie, his simply reads "nakamura". As Furuichi looks at his message with disappointment, he hears Aoi bring up a new semester, which Furuichi, remembering his encounter with the delinquent at the "trial" nursery school, immediately presumes is to be held at Ishiyama; as it turns out, he is right.[41]

File:Furuichi's Exasperation.png

Eventually, the first day of the semester arrives, and Furuichi heads back to Ishiyama with Oga and Baby Beel. While having a brief conversation with Oga, they notice that they have arrived at the school entrance, where, to Furuichi's shock, every member of the MK5 has been buried into the concrete wall. Furuichi becomes even more surprised after witnessing Oga's unexpectedly calm reactions about the scene. They then walk past the wall and enter the Ishiyama courtyards where they see that several delinquents have already begun vandalizing the high school; seeing such a sight irritates Furuichi.[42]

When the two teenagers enter one of the buildings, they meet Kanzaki and his gang, who inform them that several delinquents have been rising in both power and status; therefore, all of them are now after strong individuals such as the Tōhōshinki, though most particularly Oga. Oga assures them that he will be fine and walks away, with Furuichi calling his name and running after him.[43]

File:Delinquents Watch Furuichi.png

As they continue to stroll through the hallways, they meet Himekawa, who provides them with similar warnings. He also informs them about a group of first-years who are on a similar wavelength as Oga's and states their names: Fuji, Takamiya, and Nasu. Hearing the three names, which are identical to the three symbols found in Oga's dream, immediately concerns Furuichi.[44] Himekawa elaborates more, per Furuichi's request, before he leaves them both, though he adds that Oga might not have to worry about the newcomers anyhow. Furuichi points out that he is right given Oga's achievements since the past year. However, he is kicked in the knee, then told by Oga that he is also a target amongst the other delinquents. Furuichi then notices that several delinquents are staring at them both. He also notices that Baby Beel is "agitated" after it is also pointed out by Oga.[45]

File:Furuichi Steps Out.png

The group return to the hallways with Kanzaki's gang. Furuichi stands beside a wall as he watches everything, including Oga's seeming defeat at the hands of Yōhei Nasu, something that astonished Furuichi.[46] He becomes even more surprised after Nasu tells Oga that he will steal Baby Beel from him.[47] However, it is not long until Furuichi makes his way out and reveals himself to Oga, whose hair is being pulled by Baby Beel; upon seeing this, Furuichi calmly deduces that he is very stressed out, and compares the reaction to one that his hamster used to have.[48] He then stands aside while several other delinquents speak to Oga; one of them, Kankurō Akahoshi, appears to be much like Oga in Furuichi's perspective. Furuichi then looks on as the newcomers leave the hallways.[49]

Oga and Furuichi later go to the Kunieda residence. As Aoi and the Red Tail discuss the former's attack earlier, Furuichi speaks out and warns them about how dangerous it can be when they're all alone now, seeing as what had happened to Aoi. Unfortunately for him, his presence angers Nene, who, despite Furuichi's feeble arguments, violently attacks him.[50]

File:Strategizing Furuichi.png

Later, a meeting is held at the Kunieda residence involving most of the other delinquents who came back from Saint Ishiyama. There, Furuichi tries to explain about his and Oga's minor injuries, but before either can speak, they notice a trashcan being kicked into the air; it is because of an aggravated Kanzaki who is ready to start their meeting. Consequently, the meeting commences. Furuichi remains silent throughout much of the beginning until he brings up the Majōgari Academy girls, whom he mentions as Aoi's attackers from earlier.[51] Soon after, he takes charge and organizes a plan for all of them to carry out: they will gather information on the newcomers before launching an attack. Kanzaki and Himekawa both oppose the inclusion of a separate fight between Nasu and Oga only. In Himekawa's case, however, he moreover does not want to involve himself with the plan and leaves; before he does, Furuichi tells him not to do anything alone. Afterwards, the issue regarding the one-on-one battle is "settled" after a game of rock-paper-scissors, which results in Baby Beel as their alliance's leader.[52]

File:Kanzaki & Furuichi Spy On Poltergeists.png

The following morning, Furuichi and Kanzaki eavesdrop on two of Nasu's allies, otherwise known as the Poltergeists, on one of the school rooftops, where they learn about their plan to take down the delinquents from Saint Ishiyama Academy. Both of the Poltergeists eventually leave and head downstairs. Furuichi then reaches out to several members of their alliance who inform him about each individual Poltergeist's movements. When it becomes suspected that they are all heading for a meeting, Furuichi and Kanzaki head down from the rooftop, embarking on a search for Nasu.[53]

Sometime after, Furuichi learns from Hilda about how there is a possible Demon Contractor within Ishiyama High School.[54]

File:Furuichi Wonders About Nasu.png

Furuichi eventually finds a classroom with Nasu as the only person evidently inside; though, to Furuichi's disgust, he cannot imagine what he is really doing.[55] The two enter the room where they then see all of the other Poltergeists inside; both teenagers are stunned by the unexpected appearances. Furuichi then notices a strange horn-like tattoo mysteriously appear over Nasu's left pectoral muscle, leading him to think that he may be the Demon Contractor that Hilda referred to. However, he initially becomes reassured that things will be better after seeing Kanzaki take on one of the Poltergeists; unfortunately, to his astonishment, Kanzaki is easily beaten. Furuichi soon realizes that they all have the same tattoo as Nasu but with a different number imprinted nearby; confused, he tries to interpret the meaning behind it.[56]

As Furuichi then turns his attention back to Kanzaki, worried about his condition, Oga and Baby Beel burst through the door, much to his surprise.[57]

File:Furuichi Notices Kanzaki's King's Crest.png

Shortly upon Oga's arrival, a glowing tattoo appears on Kanzaki's back reminiscent of the Zebul Spell mark on Oga's right hand. Furuichi realizes that there is a number close to the mark and reflects on how the Poltergeists' tattoos have similar features; Hilda, who has apparently been present in the room for some time, then explains that it is the King's Crest.[58]

File:Kanzaki Uses Furuichi As A Shield.png

Furuichi remains on the sidelines throughout the remainder of the battles. While Kanzaki faces off against the last of Nasu's gang, he is seemingly taken out after being smashed through the wall, very close to Furuichi; however, he soon emerges and retaliates by knocking out Teruomi Hino. Furuichi, who prior was worried over Kanzaki's condition, becomes shocked over how powerful and "cool" Kanzaki has just become.[59] He later diverts his attention to Nasu's and Oga's fight when he hears the former declare that he is a Spell Master rather than a Demon Contractor.[60] As Furuichi continues watching the fight ensue, he expresses worry when he sees how Nasu fares during the chaotic event,[61][62] even becoming shocked when he bears witness to one of Nasu's technique, Doppelgänger, which results in several clones being created to Nasu's likeness.[63] Despite so, Oga manages to win using Super Milk Time, something that leaves Furuichi completely speechless.[64][65] Nasu's clones end up dissolving into a dark liquid which grosses out Furuichi and Kanzaki; upon seeing it, Kanzaki uses Furuichi to "shield" him from the substance.[66]

File:Shocked Furuichi & Oga.png

Shortly after, Hilda returns to the room after having evidently left earlier. She mentions a mastermind behind the string of events that have been happening and warns Oga that there is another Spell Master after him, worrying Furuichi. Oga, while still merged with Baby Beel, feels confident that everything will be fine. Furuichi then reminds him that that he still needs to return to his own body, which they then do; Furuichi notes that they can now switch out on their own. He quickly realizes that Oga and Baby Beel have actually switched bodies again. Oga and Baby Beel are quick to pick up on the matter; when the latter realizes what has happened, he happily runs away. Furuichi and Oga look on in shock at what has happened.[67]

File:Chasing After Baby Beel.png

Concerned, Furuichi assists Oga in chasing after Baby Beel across the school.[68] The two eventually become exhausted from searching and take a quick break in one of the hallways, where Furuichi asks a now-paranoid Oga whether he is fine; Oga responds by kicking Furuichi and scolding him for his insolence.[69] The two then continue on and later find Aoi, whom they explain to about Oga's and Baby Beel's situation.[70]

Oga and Furuichi then discover that Baby Beel has been taken hostage by Ringo Hōjō who offers to free him if she can fight Aoi. Aoi agrees to Ringo's conditions and then leaves with Oga. Furuichi, on the other hand, reports this information back to the Red Tail, despite having been told not to tell anyone.[71]

File:Walking In The Snow.png

After several days, Furuichi is told to see Oga at his house and heads there with Lamia. During the walk, he complains over the cold weather and how the "Killer Six Elements" are all likely sleeping at home. He and Lamia later approach Kanzaki and Aoi who are both evidently heading towards Oga's house; when Aoi reveals that she is also going to see Oga, it is suggested by Kanzaki that they leave Aoi alone to go, causing Furuichi to hurriedly deny what he is implying.[72]

The three teenagers end up going to Oga's house together with Lamia. Misaki greets them at the front door. Furuichi later mentions to Kanzaki that she has a shorter temper than her brother after she bashes Kanzaki's head through the front door following a rude remark.[73]

File:Hilda's Video Call Explanation.png

Furuichi, Kanzaki, and Aoi are then taken up to Oga's bedroom where they find him playing a card game with Baby Beel. When Oga realizes that the three arrive, a video call is then set up with the TV set, connecting to Hilda from the Demon World. Furuichi becomes distracted by Hilda's appearance and then by the King's Crest below Aoi's collarbone, just above her breast; however, he then turns his focus back to Hilda's explanations while he sips a hot drink. Hilda explains again on what the King's Crest is before suggesting that they have Himekawa join their ranks.[74]

File:Furuichi & Kanzaki Play Tennis.png

Furuichi and several of his classmates eventually go to the tennis courts together. While playing tennis, they discuss the recent events regarding Himekawa, who has evidently betrayed them by joining Shinobu Takamiya. Furuichi advises that everyone take things easily especially since Himekawa has become their new enemy; most likely, he already knows what they would be planning to do next. Moreover, Tōjō, who has recently fought all-out with Himekawa, reveals that the King's Crest bestowed upon the latter is proof that he is no longer their ally. Furuichi admits that he did not expect Tōjō to lose in their battle.[75]

File:Furuichi At Convenience Store.png

Later during the middle of the night, Furuichi leaves to go buy pudding from a nearby convenience store and tells his younger sister that he will be back soon; therefore, he does not bring his cell phone.[76] While browsing through the magazines, he notices a group of people dressed like Himekawa outside, which he believes are "shadow clones".[77] However, he is later abducted by two members of the Fallen Angels and knocked unconscious; during this time, he is tied up, then taken to Ishiyama High School.[78]

Furuichi awakens at the sound of water dropping in the school; confused, he looks around while trying to remember what had happened, only recalling Himekawa's "shadow clones" at the convenience store. He then sees Himekawa sitting beside him and another delinquent standing from afar. After hearing the two talk with one another, Furuichi realizes that he has been kidnapped and that the Fallen Angels are present; regarding Takamiya's subordinates, he is somewhat disappointed to see how "colorful" of a group it is.[79]

File:Furuichi After His Beating.png

Furuichi is later cut free from his restraints at the behalf of one of the Fallen Angels members, who then demands that they fight together; should he win, Furuichi will be released. Furuichi tries to speak his way out from another conflict through intimidation; however, his words end up angering the one he is supposed to fight. He turns to Himekawa as a last resort and is horrified to see him commence the fight.[80] Shortly after, Furuichi ends up badly beaten by the "Former Number 3" of the Fallen Angels; while taunted afterwards by his opponent, Furuichi silently remarks in disgust how he was being tortured for the fun of it. As he tries to rise from the ground, he sees Takamiya standing nearby. Furuichi is appalled to see the first-year and states his surprise at how different he appears from his own personal interpretations. After being left alone in the room with Himekawa and Udagawa, Furuichi simply lies on the ground listening to their conversation.[81]

File:Furuichi Thinking About The Company.png

While listening to the two individuals talk, Furuichi learns that Udagawa works for a company and is responsible for giving Demonic power to Takamiya. He suddenly recalls Hilda mentioning a mastermind behind the events with Nasu and wonders whether Udagawa is the same person. Furuichi thinks more about what he'd learned; after he remembers that Baby Beel is being targeted, he realizes that Udagawa is from the Solomon Company, which he remembers is the same company that attempted to steal the portrait of Baby Beel's mother and nearly destroy Himekawa's relationship with Kugayama. Worried, Furuichi musters his strength and flees the room, determined to find Oga and tell him about what he knows.[82]

File:The Captured Tactician.png

Furuichi is suddenly tackled down while he is running in the hallways; evidently, he has been discovered by the other Fallen Angels members. However, he manages to pull out his Demonic tissues and stuff them inside his bloodied nose while being attacked, then Furuichi knocks out the delinquent who tackled him. Furuichi lifts the person over him and tosses him aside. While he does so, he tells the other now-shocked delinquents that he was able to escape earlier because they underestimated him as the tactician.[83]

File:Hecadoth Speaking With Furuichi About Kidnappings.png

Moments later, Hecadoth's spirit appears beside Furuichi and tells him that he will lend his power against the Fallen Angels.[84] Furuichi remains silent and looks on at the confused delinquents before him, until one of them suddenly performs a Spell and charges at him. Using the strength bestowed to him, Furucihi easily defeats the delinquent and intimidates the other one with a glare; all the while putting up a very confident front towards everyone.[85]

Furuichi mentally boasts about Hecadoth's strength and how he is using it against those with the King's Crest. Hecadoth, who is able to hear his thoughts, takes note of when Furuichi mentions the King's Crest and begins directly talking to the young teenager. Furuichi then learns from Hecadoth about how a group of Humans have been capturing members of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division and selling their powers to others; immediately, Furuichi deduces that it is the Solomon Company, prompting Hecadoth to explain about the person whom the company is named after. The two then clarify that the goals of this underground organization appear to be for Baby Beel.[86]

The other delinquent in the room becomes annoyed at Furuichi's apparent whisperings and exposes his own King's Crest, revealing himself as the Number 9; unimpressed, Furuichi laughs at him. He then lands an uppercut at the delinquent and subsequently knocks him out. Furuichi then remarks that he beat him with little illustration of the event.[87]

File:Takamiya Fighting Furuichi.png

Later, Takamiya returns and discovers that Furuichi has successfully defeated four of his underlings; impressed, he demands that Furuichi fight against him. The sudden request leaves Furuichi anxious though he maintains a confident exterior,[88][89] to the point that he tries to declare that he is very ready to take on an actual Spell Master. However, he is cut off from his statement and ends up being badly beaten again; at the verge of defeat, he allows Hecadoth to take over his body and fight for him, but he still receives a bloody demise. Furuichi considers summoning another Demon but learns that it will be futile against Takamiya. With no other options left, he is forced to listen to a brief but apparently boring speech from Takamiya, which forces Furuichi to stuff more of the Demonic tissues into his ears so that he cannot hear; at that moment, four other Pillar Generals from the Division arrive. Furuichi initially believes that he had just done a multiple summon but is told that it is not the case by Hecadoth.[90] Sadly, they are all defeated by Takamiya and Furuichi is left on the verge of death from further injuries.[91]

File:Disheartened Furuichi.png

As Furuichi lies on the floor, his head is stepped on by Takamiya and forcibly shaken around for a brief moment.[92] His strength later returns to his body and he begins actively watching Takamiya fight the now-arrived Oga. He gradually becomes more disheartened by how badly Oga is getting beaten as he continues to watch;[93] even when he is suddenly targeted again by Takamiya does Furuichi express only exhaustion.[94] However, he finally gains the will to speak after being caught in an explosive Spell caused by Oga, which prompts him to yell at his best friend. Furuichi then becomes speechless once more after he sees how little damage such a technique did to Takamiya.[95]

File:Lucifer Stabs Furuichi.png

Suddenly, Furuichi is stabbed through the chest by the Demon Lucifer; ultimately, she ends up carving his heart out from his body and leaving a large hole in his chest. Furuichi looks in horror and disbelief at what has happened to him as he passes out from the blood loss,[96][97] slowly dying.[98]

Furuichi lies limp on the ground, virtually unaffected by the events that occur around him,[99] even to his heart, which was subsequently cut into seven pieces and sent across the campus where they are eventually eaten.[100][101] Eventually, Furuichi's body is taken taken to a sanitary area by Alaindelon so that Lamia can tend to his physical wounds, which, as Lamia has already stated, would be fatal and will kill him given the circumstances.[102]

Meanwhile, Furuichi's "soul" continues to linger in each of the seven pieces of his heart, appearing as a miniature head with body parts during certain events,[103][104] though his voice can still be heard regardless of the physical manifestation.[105]

File:Furuichi's Soul Making A Punchline.png

Two portions of his "soul", both of which have been consumed by Sally Night and Kōken Yasaka, observe from the two delinquents' bodies of the events that occur around them, notably during their confrontation with Hidetora Tōjō.[103][104]

The "soul" residing in Sally remarks out loud that Tōjō has only been playing tennis rather than train, after hearing about what he did at the tennis courts earlier;[103] later, it is forcibly ejected from Sally's body. Afterwards, the "soul" inside Yasaka becomes alarmed once he discovers that Tōjō developed a King's Crest since after his "training".[104] The piece of Furuichi's heart that has now been released suddenly starts speaking out to Tōjō. It then explains how it is one of the six divided parts of Takayuki Furuichi, referring to itself as "Creepichi", while also naming the others; afterwards, it then adds how a physical manifestation seems to appear after making a punchline, which he then laughs upon.[105] Later, the remaining part of Furuichi that resides in Yasaka makes another punchline directed at Tōjō, insulting him for believing that he is harnessing the power of the King's Crest despite not actually being able to.[106]

Powers and Abilities

Furuichi is not very strong and has little to no fighting abilities under normal circumstances, but makes up for it with his intelligence. Furuichi seems to also have a sort of 6th sense that tells him something bad is going to happen. According to Miki, Furuichi's grades were good enough that he could easily enter St. Ishiyama High School if he wanted. In fact, during the test at Ishiyama, Furuichi displayed efficient skills towards studying, resulting in him scoring the highest in school, with a final score of 59/60. He is very resourceful, able to quickly create good plans on the fly, as shown when he went to the pool with Oga, he was able to create an escape plan to run away from a group of deliquents he provoked and then quickly used Beel's power by dragging him underwater causing him to cry, using the resultant electricity to defeat the delinquents who entered the pool. He was able to control and coordinate Ishiyama High to find En and was also was one of the coordinators for the Ishiyama night attack on Akumano to rescue Hilda. He is also a master of manipulation who can make other do whatever he want either by leaving facts out, slight alteration of the truth and appealling to the desires of his listeners. He's shown himself able to manipulate the Spell Masters of the Solomon Compnay, the Ishiyama deliquents, amnogst others.

With the use of the demonic tissue from the Great Demon Lord, Furuichi manages to make a temporary contract with Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division giving him a huge increase in fighting and physical abilities. He easily dodged several of Oga's punches and beat him with a single dropkick (although he himself admitted that Oga was off-guard), he also easily defeated Miki and his "subordinates" whilst Furuichi himself used Hecadoth. Later, he easily counters the simultaneous attacks of and beats Himekawa and Kanzaki with Agiel's help. He would later beat Toujou with ease by summoning Jabberwock.
With the power of Behemoth, Furuichi easily overwhelmed Oga in his normal state before fighting on par with Oga while Oga was using Super Milk Time.

After Furuichi loses against Oga, Behemoth says to Hilda, "However, that boy... for him to take in so much demonic power..." before he quickly dismisses this as his imagination. This hints that Furuichi may have dormant abilities when it comes to fighting or at least channeling demonic power.

After their fight, a flashback revealed that Furuichi was able to take many hits from a young Oga and still managed to get back up without lasting injury. This led Oga to remark that Furichi was, "Damn strong already" which is an impressive feat given the fact that deliquents easily fell to single hits from Oga.

It is possible that Furuichi have mastered (or at least learned) to channel demonic power as he is known as "The man with a hundred faces" by the time he graduates. According to other students, he gets a different demon each time he fights and changes personality as a result.

(against fuji the majority of the pillar divison offered to form contracts with him.)


Tatsumi Oga

They've been best friends since fifth grade. He is the only friend of Furuichi and as quoted by Oga, he is the only person whom he can count on. He is also one of the few people who seems to be able to handle Oga's crazy ways. Despite their multiple comical fights and their polar personalities, they genuinely care for each other and frequently watch each others backs. An example of their closeness is that they seem to be able to have telepathic conversations with each other (however this is usually a gag used in comical situations).

Hisaya Miki

They were friends in middle school. Differently from Oga, Miki respects Furuichi though.


He is very attracted to Hilda. Hilda, on the other hand, despises him and thinks of him as Oga's slave, and rather than reject him, she completely ignores him, having no consideration for him as a person. She also seems to be disgusted by him, thinking of him as being creepy. In fact even when Hilda's memories were erased, she refers to him as "Creepichi" saying that it was just a natural instinct for her, much to Furuichi's dismay. However in chapter 172 she was shown to be worried after finding out that Furuichi could die due to the tissues. When she later give him the tissues back and asked him, in her absence, to protect Oga and Beel, it's shown how much she actually trust him.


At first, Lamia thought Furuichi was Beel's servant. During the time they search for Lord En, the two have a little adventure. When Furuichi wins her a dog puppet, she was so happy but had a clear tsundere attitude towards him. The pair ends up getting caught in many awkward situations that depict Furuichi as a lolicon such as being on top of her without wearing trousers in front of Nene and the girls or the time where Honoka catches Furuichi on top of Lamia. Regardless of these things, Lamia has shown to strongly care about Furuichi and his well being, as shown after his fight with Oga, and when she thought him to be dead.


Alaindelon lives together with Furuichi's family. He clearly admires Furuichi, although Furuichi reacts in disgust, when Alaindelon tries to act affectionate with Furuichi. He is the object of Furuichi's hatred since he put strange thoughts about him in his relatives' minds and also makes Furuichi jealous of the harem forming around his best friend, Oga.


Like every cute girl, Furuichi likes Alaindelon's daughter, Angelica. He tries hard to defend and free her from her kidnappers. Having her father talked well of Furuichi, Angelica has a good opinion of Oga's friend, and therefore she's the only girl loved by Furuichi too doing so.

Nene Oomori

His relationship towards Nene is similar on how he reacts towards other girls by trying to act strong, even if he gets more humiliated and to think on how he wished more girls had affections toward him. Through the series she does began to grow some grudging respect for him mostly because of his tactical acumen. He decided to bribe Nene by telling her that he'll introduce her Misaki Oga, if she decides to participate with him in the saint x-mas competition. He also started to try to behave more nicer or a savior towards her in such a way that proves that he started to shown that he has grown an affection towards her as much as saying that they should go out, which caused her to show a grin towards him.

Misaki Oga

Furuichi generally treats Misaki as a normal person and does not attempt to flirt with her, though he does look up to her and her gang somewhat, especially as a child (prior to finding out just how violent they were). Misaki asked Furuichi to stay as Tatsumi's friend, and gave him the nickname of "Takachin". Unlike the relationship between Misaki and Tatsumi which is usually violent in natural, Misaki has generally remained friendly and non-violent towards Furuichi, including giving her telephone number to him.


Furuichi summons him using a demonic tissue that calls forth a demon from Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division at random. The first time they properly meet Hecadoth does not seem to respect him but he does tolerate him. Later on after Furuichi's self-esteem grew, Hecadoth somewhat respects him even going as far as calling him "Tactician."


By association with Oga, Furuichi has also become acquainted with the members of the Tōhōshinki. Due to the respect he offers them (as third-years and being much stronger then him), he often ends up hanging out with them alongside Oga. He also seems to have some minor respect from them as they often then not answer any questions he asks of them. He also was the one who got them organized to find Oga and Kunieda before tricking them into playing an online game against the supposed leader of a rival school (En and Akumano). Due to these events, Kanzaki and Himekawa seem to have some respect for him as a strategist.

This respect seemed to grow slightly with the events involving their families (Kanzaki and his niece arc & Himekawa and the Demonic Painting arc). Even with the events involving the demonic tissues, Kuneida arrvies with them stating that although they may tease him, he is still one of their comrades. Tojo who did not realize what was happening (and had been beaten by Furuichi earlier) seemed to have grown a lot of respect for Furuichi stating he is sorry for thinking him to have been a weakling and saving him from Himekawa and Kanzaki's revenge (although demanding another fight as revenge).

By the time of Ishiyama's rebuilding, he was trusted by them to act as a commander of sorts in planning their strategies against their new enemies.



  • "Good navel exposure!" - Commenting on Aoi Kunieda's Red Tail outfit.
  • "That's our Hilda-san!" - Complimenting on Hilda's comeback.
  • "A tsundere?!" - Towards Lamia's apparent tsundere attitude.
  • "Ah... yeah, that's the stuff..." - While having a perverted fantasy of Hilda.
  • "This fight is my pride on the line. Being called a lolicon, pervert, Creep-ichi, Mob-ichi or whatever...And just laughing it off...Just how is that any different from being dead?" - Commenting on his feeling while fighting Oga.
  • "...if you want to get in a fight that badly, then I'll be your opponent!" - Towards Oga when they were children.
  • ".. are you.. kidding me?!" - towards Lucifer when she stabbed his chest.


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