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Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force
Nanoha Force Volume 1



Mahō Senki Ririkaru Nanoha Force


Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Adventure, Science Fantasy

Written By

Masaki Tsuzuki

Illustrated By

Yukari Higa

Published By

Kadokawa Shoten

Original Run

July 30, 2009 – ongoing







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Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force (魔法戦記リリカルなのはForce, Mahō Senki Ririkaru Nanoha Force, "Magical War Chronicle Lyrical Nanoha Force"), is an on-going manga that takes place six years after Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. Like the other entries, the story focuses on the Bible of Silver Cross, a magical tome based off an ancient Belkan tome and features the former members of Riot Force 6 joining forces again to form Special Duty Section 6. The series is illustrated by Yukari Higa (of Shina Dark fame) and written by Masaki Tsuzuki.


The manga's title was the first one in the series to not contain "Magical Girl" in it, signifying the departure from the original magical girl (which has been a continuous trend in the series for a long time).

"Force" can be interpreted as a pun on "fourth" in Japanese pronunciation, because Force is chronologically the fourth major entry in the main Nanoha continuity to star Nanoha Takamachi in a major role (SSX didn't feature her at all, while ViVid focuses on Vivio). Additionally, the new heroine Lily is also coded Strosek-4th.


All chapters were originally given English titles in the Japanese manga, but official katakana spellings were added retroactively later. Each chapter title is fully styled as "Record0X:「Title」", except the prologue, which was simply "Record00".

Bound volumes

The tankōbon release of Force contained additional information on the series' setting, particularly, the Magic Dictionary. Four bound volumes have been released so far:[1]

  • Volume 1 contains chapters 00 through 04.
  • Volume 2 contains chapters 05 through 09.
  • Volume 3 contains chapters 10 through 14.
  • Volume 4 contains chapters 15 through 19.
  • Volume 5 contains chapters 20 through 24.

A fully colored version of the tankōbon, titled Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force true colored, is also being released.

Supplemental materials


Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force NEXT is a set of illustrations that appeared in the Nyantype magazine supplementary to recent Force chapters.

Force Dimension

A series of 4-panel comic strips (Yonkoma) illustrated by Asuka Kanan.


The "information corner" accompanying the manga chapters in the Nyantype magazine.

  • Force ANALYZER, published with chapters 1 through 13, provided information on new characters and mecha designs.
  • SERIES CHARACTERS, published since chapter 14, describes the recent lives of characters.






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