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Fairy Tail Guild

Natsu Dragneel

Main article: Natsu Dragneel

Natsu, Lucy, and Happy running from Rune Knights

Natsu invites Lucy to Fairy Tail

Lucy shares the closest friendship with Natsu among all other members of Fairy Tail.

Their deep bond stems from the fact that he is responsible for inviting and bringing her to the guild,[1] and eventually teamed up with her to form Team Natsu. While Lucy often gets irked by Natsu's destructive and impulsive nature, she is also greatly amused by his childish antics.[2] Much to her chagrin, Natsu frequently drops by Lucy's home unannounced,[3] and once even fell asleep on her bed, waiting for her. He believes Lucy is a strong person even if she herself doubts her abilities.[4]

Natsu caught Lucy

Natsu saves Lucy

They are incredibly close friends, the extremity of which is seen upon Lucy's capture by the Phantom Lord Guild, when she jumps off Phantom Lord Headquarters's sky prison, knowing that Natsu is there and that he will catch her.[5] It has also been stated by Happy that Natsu cried at the thought of Lucy leaving Fairy Tail.[6] After her fight with Angel of the Oración Seis, Lucy tries to save Natsu from the rapid currents to the point of not letting him go when they fall off a waterfall.[7] When Lucy is sick and can't go out for the Magnolia Town's Blossom-viewing, Natsu uproots one of the trees and releases it on a boat just for her to see.[8]

Erza Scarlet

Main article: Erza Scarlet

File:Erza and Lucy with pillows.jpg

Being members of Team Natsu, Erza and Lucy are good friends. When Lucy first meets Erza, she fears how strict and demeaning Erza can be. Despite that, Lucy does not regret going on a mission with her.[9] After Team Natsu is formed, Erza and Lucy become closer and their friendship grows. If unable to join a fight, Lucy would cheer on Erza instead. Despite Erza's strict personality, she shares a typical girly relationship with Lucy.[10]

In the Phantom Lord arc, Erza is the one to endure the worst blows in order to protect Lucy. She single-handedly stops the full power of Jupiter, therefore receiving a considerable amount of damage, and still proceeds to engage in battle with the strongest member of Element 4, Aria of the Heavens. Immediately upon defeating him, Erza faces off against Phantom Lord's Guild Master, Jose Porla, where she discovers the truth about Lucy's kidnapping, and replies saying that no one can know how much Lucy has suffered.[11]

During the Tower of Heaven arc, Lucy was the one who encouraged Erza to reveal her past, saying that her friends can help her.[12] After hearing Erza's story, Lucy became determined to help Erza, facing Vidaldus Taka and an evil Juvia Lockser in the process.[13] In the aftermaths of the arc, Lucy is the only person whom Erza confers with, the thought that Jellal Fernandes was the one who saved her and the others when the Tower of Heaven was about to explode, implying that Erza trusts Lucy very much.[14]

Gray Fullbuster

Main article: Gray Fullbuster

As both Mages belong to Team Natsu, Lucy and Gray get along very well.

Gray is ready to risk his life

Gray ready to risk his life for his friend

Lucy is usually taken aback by Gray’s stripping habit,[15] but can also find it amusing at times. Along with the rest of Team Natsu, Gray often visits Lucy’s apartment without her invitation,[16] and this seems to irritate her but she doesn’t appear to be genuinely bothered by the intrusion. Gray also finds Lucy to be strong which is shown when he tells her not to cry because she is better than that.[17] He also once said that she was "pretty pure hearted".[18]

Gray cares a lot for Lucy as seen when he vows that he will rather die than hand her over to Phantom Lord during the Phantom Lord arc.[19] He is also concerned for her when she mentions that she thinks she is being followed at night by a stranger; so much that he follows her himself just to be sure that she will be safe.[20]

During the Oración Seis arc, when Gemini takes the form of Gray, they chirp out information that they gathered from him. Gemini's extraction of information from Gray are as follows; Newcomer to guild, Pretty damn cute, Possesses some skill (in Japanese anime, he was saying "somewhat interested in her"), more naive than she appears, Stellar Spirit Mage.


Main article: Happy

You like him

Happy teasing Lucy with Loke

Happy is one of Lucy's team mates and one of her first friends from Fairy Tail. He plays pranks[21] or teases Lucy most of the time, often calling her "idiot" or "heavy", much to Lucy's annoyance.[22][23] He also teases her whenever she is with Loke, rolling his tongue while saying "he likes you".[24] Happy, like the rest of his team, also has a habit of going to Lucy's apartment without her consent, a habit that Lucy has learned to get along with.[25] Despite all this, Happy and Lucy are really close friends and care for each other deeply as seen when Happy is crying because he thinks that Lucy is leaving the guild.[26] The two can also be seen together during most of their missions, with Happy giving Lucy support and advise.[27]

Levy McGarden

Main article: Levy McGarden

Levy Rewriting Runes

Levy gets ahead in the S-Class competition

Like many of the Fairy Tail Guild members, Lucy shares a close friendship with Levy. In fact, Lucy's closest friend outside of Team Natsu is Levy.

Their relationship is such that they affectionately address each other as "Lu-chan" and "Levy-chan". Thus far, Levy is also the only person that Lucy has allowed to read her secret novel, proving the Celestial Spirit Mage's immense faith in her. Similarly, Levy also trusts Lucy, and even shares the fact that Erza loves racy novels.[28]

Because of their close friendship, Levy does not like going against Lucy in whatever manner, as seen when she apologized for getting off the boat to Tenrou Island first, despite it being the primary objective of the first trial.

Juvia Lockser

Main article: Juvia Lockser

Lucy and Juvia - Best Friends

Lucy and Juvia reconcile

Juvia and Lucy first meet each other as members of opposing guilds in the Fairy Tail-Phantom Lord war where Juvia is ordered to kidnap Lucy.[29] Juvia later falls in love with Gray[30] and, because of a misunderstanding, begins to harbor a one-sided love rivalry with Lucy.[31] The two later reconcile during their battle with Vidaldus Taka, as Lucy is the first Fairy Tail Mage aside from Gray to accept her as a friend.[32] However, Juvia still plays pranks on Lucy, like giving her chili soup instead of tea, because she still thinks that Lucy is after Gray.[33]

Cana Alberona

Main article: Cana Alberona

Lucy and Cana are guildmates and very close friends.

Cana and Lucy get along well during Lucy’s early days at the guild. However their strong relationship only begun to truly grow during the Tenrou Island arc. Cana turns to Lucy for help and support about her problems with the S-class Trial and her father. She shows up to Lucy’s home unexpectedly, but Lucy replies that she is there to listen,[34] showing their strong trust with each other.

When Lucy saves Cana from freezing in the snow[35] the two have a heart to heart conversation, wherein Cana reveals her biggest secret which both demonstrates and enhances their relationship with one another, as shown when Lucy bursts with emotion at how she will help Cana during the S-class Trial.[36]

First Test Pass

Cana and Lucy's partnership during the S-Class Trial

In the midst of the first portion of the trial Lucy is seen risking injury so that Cana can proceed to the next round[37] and this shows how close they are when one is willing to sacrifice themselves for the other. During the Second Part of the Trial (to find Mavis Vermilion's grave), Cana gets desperate because it is being interrupted. After she makes Lucy tell her how to find the grave, she leaves her unconscious so that no one will stop her from completing the Trial, but apologizes for doing that.[38] When Lucy wakes up and during the rest of the time before they meet again, the only thing Lucy is thinking about is to find Cana, showing that Lucy would never think bad about a friend.

Cana later regrets what she did to Lucy, and decides to never betray a friend again.[39] After the Grimoire Heart incident, Cana apologizes to Lucy, which Lucy kindly considers as a "prank", showing that she doesn't hold grudges against friends.[40] After that, Lucy even helps Cana, encouraging her to tell the truth to Gildarts.[41]

Mirajane Strauss

Main article: Mirajane Strauss

Mirajane offers Lucy the job

Mirajane offering a job she saved for Lucy

Even before Lucy joined the Fairy Tail Guild, she has idolized Mirajane because of her widespread fame and beauty.[42] When she joins the guild, Mirajane is one of the first people to greet her.[43] Lucy often tells Mirajane about her problems and looks up to the latter for advice, trusting her enough to tell her about her love problems, which Mirajane often teases Lucy about.[44] Mirajane also looks out for Lucy and helps her out as much as she can, even reserving a job for her.[45]

Wendy Marvell

Main article: Wendy Marvell

Lucy and Wendy

Lucy and Wendy

Lucy is characteristically similar to Wendy, which provides a good friendship between them. When Lucy first sees Wendy, during the fight against the Oración Seis, she is shocked that a child could join a team that will fight against such a powerful Dark Guild.[46] After the explanation of the team's plan, both of them state that they aren't very good at fighting.[47] Wendy's abilities are acknowledged by Lucy when Erza is poisoned by Cobra. Lucy, along with the other members of Allied Forces, puts her faith into Wendy to save her. When Natsu brings Wendy, Lucy demonstrates respect for her, bowing and asking from her to save Erza.[48] However, Lucy knows about Wendy's lack of fighting power and cares for her safety as she tells Carla to take Wendy out during a fight.[49] After the time skip Lucy and Wendy keep this similarity, as seen when Makarov chooses them to compete in the Grand Magic Games.[50]

Gajeel Redfox

Main article: Gajeel Redfox

Lucy's Scream

Gajeel brutalizing Lucy

During the guild war between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord, Lucy is kidnapped by Gajeel for the purpose of being used as a bargaining chip for Jose Porla, so that he could take advantage of the large amounts of money Lucy's family possess.

Whilst abducting her, Gajeel shows no remorse in brutalizing Lucy, harshly kicking and hitting her,[51] as well as even chaining her to a wall to allow him to practice his knife-throwing skills. Whilst performing the said tasks, he also verbally attacks her, calling her "eye candy" and "bitch". Gajeel also seems willing to take Lucy's life, despite it being against his Master's orders.[52]

After learning that Gajeel has been allowed to join the guild, Lucy expresses her instant surprise that the Master could even consider letting him join,[53] but after seeing Gajeel's more relaxed personality, the two seem to be on better terms.
Gajeel and Lucy

Lucy getting dragged onto stage to perform with Gajeel

The two have a habit of interacting when Gajeel performs on-stage, with Lucy generally being dragged up to dance alongside him in her bunny outfit.[54] Lucy is also -unbeknownst to her- the reason Gajeel agreed to enter the Grand Magic Games, as the winning team between the two teams of Fairy Tail will be allowed to order the other team around for a day. Upon hearing this, Gajeel visualizes himself demanding her participation in one of his concerts, making her once again dance alongside him whilst he plays.[55]

While Lucy is visiting Fairy Tail's aquatic park Fairy Fountain, Gajeel comically encourages her to try his exclusive pool "Scrap Metal Hell", with Lucy instantly rejecting the idea, due to the pool looking like a torture pit.[56]

Other Guilds

Sherry Blendy

Main article: Sherry Blendy

Sherry Blendy is Lucy’s former enemy come ally and a member of Lamia Scale

Lucy beats Sherry

Lucy defeats Sherry

Sherry and Lucy’s relationship is antagonistic in the beginning as they first meet as enemies.[57] Their first meeting is during battle, wherein Sherry tries to seriously injure Lucy. However; when the Allied Forces is formed they begin to work as allies. This means that they have a certain level of trust in each other, although Sherry still considers Lucy a rival.[58] They both argue often, shown during the Oración Seis arc, but are friendly beneath. The two rarely interact as they are part of separate guilds, but their relationship seems to be icy overall.

Hibiki Lates

Main article: Hibiki Lates

Hibiki transfering Uranometeoria

Hibiki transferring Urano Metria to Lucy

Hibiki, from Blue Pegasus, and Lucy were elected by their Guild Masters to be in the Allied Forces, where they met each other and became friends.[59] Lucy describes Hibiki as someone cool since he is featured in the Sorcerer Magazine.Template:Fact This is further developed when Erza gets injured and the others leave to find Wendy. Hibiki stays behind with both Lucy and Erza, telling Lucy that he can't leave two women behind.[60] Upon the activation of Nirvana, Hibiki trusts Lucy with a secret his Master told him and that he hadn't told not even the leader of his team, Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki.[61] During her fight with Angel, Hibiki almost fell to the darkness but he claims that Lucy's bond with her Spirits saved him. He also gave Lucy Urano Metria, known to be the "Ultimate Magic of the Stars" because he knew that she had what it takes to cast it.[62]

Flare Corona

Main article: Flare Corona

File:Lucy determined to beat Flare.png

Flare and Lucy first meet each other in the X791 Grand Magic Games while watching their teammates participate in Hidden. Lucy has developed a great dislike for her as she is a member of Team Raven Tail, the people who hurt Wendy and Carla.[63] This dislike later grows, bordering on hate, as the two are pitted against each other in the first battle of the games, during which Flare plays dirty and attempts to attack Asuka unless Lucy does whatever she tells her to do.[64][65] Despite all this, Lucy later shows sympathy for her when she finds out that Flare has been beaten up by her teammate.[66]

During a visit to Ryuzetsu Land, Lucy was approached by Flare and initially believed her to be after her. However, Flare instead apologized for her actions towards her and walked away, with Lucy smiling and accepting her words as she did.[67] Much later on, after the end of the Grand Magic Games, Lucy once again met Flare in the guild's new bathhouse and tackled Cana to prevent her from attacking the former, telling her she wasn't a bad person. Hearing that Raven Tail had been disbanded, Lucy went so far as to ask Flare if they ought to talk to their master about letting her in, only to be dumbfounded when Flare claimed she didn't want to join.[68]

Much later, Lucy would be saved from a bullet by Flare during a mission to unfreeze the Sun Village, much to her surprise.[69] Initially shocked to hear that Flare had been stalking her,[70] Lucy teamed up with the former Raven Tail Mage and Wendy to ultimately overcame their enemy.[71] Upon hearing Flare's life story and the struggles she went through, Lucy found herself able to forgive her and ultimately join with her to reach their common goal, believing in her so far as to defend her when she was checked into by Natsu soon after.[72]

Celestial Spirits


Main article: Aquarius

Wrath of Aquarius

Aquarius angry at Lucy

Aquarius, as a Celestial Spirit, is owned by Lucy, who has the Gate of the Water Bearer Key in her possession. She is also one of Lucy's first Celestial Spirits, having inherited her Key from her mother.[73] Lucy still considers Aquarius her strongest spirit even after she acquired Loke's key.[74] However, unlike Lucy's other Celestial Spirits, Aquarius is usually irritated by Lucy and usually doesn't listen to her orders, oftentimes attacking her alone or alongside her opponents.[75] Despite this, Aquarius cares for Lucy's safety as seen when she warned her about her not being able to control the water during her battle with Hughes.[76] Aquarius also has a habit of remarking on Lucy not having a boyfriend while she has one, much to Lucy's annoyance.[77]


Main article: Taurus

Lucy has a great relationship with her spirits

Taurus staring at Lucy's body

Taurus is known for his perverted tendencies towards women, mostly his owner, Lucy. On battles, Taurus always swears that he'll protect Lucy's beautiful body no matter what, conferring a comedical side to his loyalty towards Lucy, referring to her as "My boobs".[78] However, sometimes he's a bit controversial about this loyalty, as he feels pleasure when he has to strip Lucy, under Sherry's control, despite his also shown despair to hurt his owner.[79] Taurus' obsession towards Lucy sometimes prejudices his role in battle, as he is fooled by Angel's Spirit, Gemini, that transforms into Lucy and uses her body to trick him.[80] When he isn't battling, Taurus likes to observe Lucy's body and make comments about how beautiful it is.[81]


Main article: Cancer

Lucy and Cancer defeats Everlue

Cancer and Lucy defeat Everlue

Cancer the Crab is one of Lucy’s contracted Spirits and they have a good relationship. He is also one of Lucy's first Celestial Spirits after inheriting his key from her mother.

Like her relationship with all of her spirits, Lucy and Cancer get along well and she insists on fighting alongside him.[82] Lucy often converses kindly with Cancer when he is styling her hair;[83] much like two best friends would do. Not much is known about her relationship with Cancer, but he holds great respect for her as his owner.


Main article: Virgo

Virgo fixes Lucys skirt

Virgo covering Lucy's skirt

Virgo, as a Celestial Spirit, is owned by Lucy, who has the Gate of the Maiden Key in her possession. Virgo calls Lucy princess and is one of her most loyal spirits, even willing to change her appearance to suit Lucy's taste.[84] Virgo is also known to put Lucy's well being before hers as seen when she covers Lucy's underwear with Lucy's skirt despite her own being shown.[85] At many occasions, she has saved or helped Lucy, going so far as to use her own Magic to open the gate.[86] She also provides Lucy with items from the Celestial Spirit World such as clothing and the Fleuve d'étoiles.[87][88] Though Lucy finds her masochistic tendencies annoying,[89] she appreciates what she is doing for her and considers her as a friend.[90]


Main article: Sagittarius

Sagittarius saves Lucy

Sagittarius protecting Lucy

Sagittarius is one of Lucy's most loyal Spirits. When he's summoned by her, he always shows submission with a soldier stance.[91] He always tries to obey Lucy unconditionally, apologizing if there's something that he can't do. However, he takes Lucy's requests literally, which once resulted in a communication problem between them.[92] When Sagittarius was under the control of Angel's Gemini, he got extremely scared and desperate when he had to shoot against Lucy and Hibiki, demonstrating his loyalty even towards Lucy's friends.[93] When defeated, Sagittarius always apologizes to Lucy for the leaving, although he usually stands in front of her to protect her.[94]


Main article: Loke

Leo's ray of love

Loke's Ray of Love

Loke (Leo the Lion) is one of Lucy's contracted Spirits who shares a strong bond with Lucy. Despite their good relationship, Loke and Lucy have a rather peculiar beginning. Upon first discovering that Lucy is a Celestial Spirit Mage,[95] Loke avoids her at every possible chance. However, even if he has been initially very wary of her, Loke cares for Lucy deeply, and once rescued her from a pair of rogues attempting to kidnap her.[96] Their relationship deepens even more after Lucy saves him from his impending death brought forth by staying in the human realm for too long. By convincing the Celestial Spirit King to allow Loke to live, he is bound to serve under Lucy, in order to atone for his sins. During Lucy’s fight with Bickslow in the Fighting Festival, Loke opens his gate on his own to save her. After their battle, he uses his Magic to cast his “Ray of Love” saying “I love Lucy”.[97] This is his open declaration of his love for her, which however is not reciprocated on her part. At one point in the Tenrou Island arc, when Lucy and the others battle Caprico, Loke volunteers to stay behind and fight him alone in order to allow the others time to escape,[98] and so that they will not be affected by his Magic. This shows his concern for Lucy’s wellbeing and that he cares for her safety over his own.


Main article: Gemini

Lucy and Gemini's Uranometria

Lucy and Gemini casting Urano Metria

Gemi and Mini, as Celestial Spirits, are owned by Lucy, who has the Gate of the Twins Key in her possession. Gemi and Mini think highly of Lucy as they have discovered that Lucy truly loves Celestial Spirits and is even willing to sacrifice her life for them.[99] This act later leads to the twins lending Lucy their power while she destroys Nirvana, despite them being under Angel's contract at the time.[27] Lucy's love for her Spirits later leads to Gemi and Mini asking her to be their owner, along with two other Celestial Spirits.[100] Lucy also trusts the twins to help her perfect Urano Metria, the Ultimate Magic of the Stars.[101]


Main article: Scorpio

File:Scorpio fighting alongside Lucy.jpg

Scorpio, as a Celestial Spirit, is owned by Lucy, who has the Gate of the Scorpion Key in her possession. Not much is known about their relationship, but Scorpio has shown to respect Lucy as he, along with two other Celestial Spirits, sought Lucy and asked her to be his owner. It is also known that he is in a relationship with Lucy's other Celestial Spirit Aquarius.[100] Lucy trusts him enough to summon him when she is in danger, as seen when she is surrounded by Edolas' Royal Army,[102] when she is being overpowered by Kain Hikaru,[103] when fighting Hades[104] and when fighting Flare Corona.[105]


Main article: Aries

Lucy crying

Lucy pleads to let Aries free

Aries, as a Celestial Spirit, is owned by Lucy, who has the Gate of the Ram Key in her possession. Not much is known about their relationship, but Aries has shown to respect Lucy as she, along with two other Celestial Spirits, sought Lucy and asked her to be her owner.[100] When they first meet, Aries being in the possession of Angel, Lucy, without knowing Aries, is willing to give her life away in order to let Aries be free from her evil owner's control.[106]


Main article: Capricorn

File:Capricorn Training Lucy.png

Capricorn, as a Celestial Spirit, is owned by Lucy, who has the Gate of the Goat Key in her possession.[107] Capricorn came into Lucy's possession not too long ago, however, she has been his rightful owner since the death of his previous owner and Lucy's mother, Layla Heartfilia.[108] Capricorn seems to be overprotective of Lucy, to the point that he doesn't even let her walk from the Grimoire Heart Airship back to the Fairy Tail camp at Tenrou Island alone. He also appears strict on her (as if a butler), suggesting she go on diets to slim down and to take her dance lessons seriously, reasoning out that she is a member of the Heartfilia family.[109] Capricorn also helps Lucy hone her Magic Power and train for the Grand Magic Games.[110]


Main article: Plue

Lucy and Plue

Lucy and Plue

Plue the Canis Minor is one of Lucy’s contracted Spirits and they have a good relationship. She keeps him as a pet more than using him to fight.

Lucy finds Plue to be very cute[111] and uses him for this reason against enemies, rather than sheer power. Lucy offen calls Plue when at home. The two have a close bond.


Main article: Horologium

Lucy inside Horologium

Lucy inside Horologium

Horologium is one of the Spirits that Lucy trusts the most. When she feels endangered, Lucy summons Horologium and gets inside him to protect herself, a role that Horologium plays very well during his stay in the human world. Horologium is a spirit that's always watching for Lucy, protecting her by summoning himself forcefully.[112] Horologium is also very faithful to Lucy's friends, as he did the same to save Wendy.[113]


Main article: Lyra

Lyra, as a Celestial Spirit, is owned by Lucy, who has the Gate of the Lyre Key in her possession. She is also one of Lucy's oldest spirits. Though their relationship has not been fully explored, Lyra is often seen happy when Lucy summons her and often playfully complains to her, asking her why she doesn't summon her more often.[114]


Main article: Crux

Due to Crux's little appearances, not much is known about his relationship with Lucy. However, Lucy shows a great deal of respect towards him, calling Crux "Grandpa". Lucy also knows Crux very well, as she can distinguish when he's searching and when he's sleeping.[115]


Main article: Pyxis

Pyxis, as a Celestial Spirit, is owned by Lucy, who has the Gate of the Compass Key in her possession. Not much is known about their relationship, but Pyxis respects Lucy as the two have made a Celestial Spirit contract.[116]


Lucy Ashley

Main article: Lucy Ashley


Lucy Heartfilia, Lucy Ashley and Gemini as Lucy having fun

When Lucy's Edolas counterpart first hears about Earth Land Lucy, she laughs at the possibility of being a rich girl that writes novels and uses keys as Magical Items.[117] When they first meet, Lucy Ashley doesn't have a good impression of Lucy, but after she demonstrates her Magic powers, Ashley is amused,[118] even more when Lucy shows her determination to save her friends, which prompts Ashley to want to change the world too.[119] After that, the two Lucys take a bath together, demonstrating trust between them.[120] After that, Ashley decides to head back to her Guild with lessons that she receives from a talk with Lucy, determined to change Edolas by their own.[121] With this new feeling, Ashley is able to convince her Guild to help Lucy and her friends, making the Guild strong again.[122]


Main article: Coco

She's a princess

Coco when she heard that Lucy is a "princess"

Coco and Lucy first meet each other as members of opposing sides in the war in Edolas, with Coco injured by Faust for her not giving him the key to the Dragon Chain Cannon.[123] Though Lucy knows that Coco is an enemy, she defends her against Byro, saying that he should not hurt her but protect her since they're allies.[124] This act later leads Coco to change her beliefs concerning Magic and the Royal Kingdom and help Lucy save her guild mates from being killed by the Dragon Chain Cannon.[125][126] Coco also calls Lucy princess, having heard Virgo call her as such.[127] This misunderstanding is not cleared up as Coco still calls her as such when Lucy is being sucked up by the Reverse Anima.[128]


Jude Heartfilia

Main article: Jude Heartfilia

Lucy says goodbye

Lucy says goodbye

Lucy and her father, Jude, had a very complicated relationship. In her younger years, Lucy was not fond of her father because he cared more about his business than paying attention to her.[129] This lack of attention caused Lucy to run away at the age of 16.[130] After a year, her father requested from the Phantom Lord Guild to find Lucy and bring her back, which sparked a war between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord.[131] When the war ended, Lucy visited her father to cut ties with him for the pain and suffering he caused to Fairy Tail and told him that if he ever came near Fairy Tail again, she and the guild would consider him an enemy.[132]

File:Lucy tells her father to leave.jpg

When Jude loses his fortune, he reunites with his daughter and asks her for money, but when he finds out she doesn't have what he is asking for he gets angry and yells at her. Lucy yells at him in return and tells him to go away and storms off. Later, Lucy overhears a conversation that the merchant guild her father is heading off to work for recently got taken over by the Dark Guild Naked Mummy and concerned for her father's welfare, despite their tense relationship, she immediately departs towards Acalypha.[133] Lucy quickly defeats the Dark Guild and looks for her father in the crowd. She soon realizes that her father hadn't arrived at the guild yet as he had to walk the whole way. When they encounter once again, she feels a great sense of relief. Her father realizes that she was worried about him, but she quickly says that she still hadn't forgiven him yet. Jude tells Lucy how he had met her mother in the same merchant guild that she went to, Love and Lucky, and reveals that they gave Lucy her name because of the guild's sign, which at the time was missing the letter "K". Lucy and her father leave on relatively good terms.[134]

Lucy loves her father

Lucy admits her love for her deceased father

After being inside Fairy Sphere for 7 years, Lucy decides to visit Jude thinking he may be worried about her. However, when she arrives at Love & Lucky once again, she hears the news that her father had died just 1 month before.[135] Lucy is devastated, but after seeing her birthday presents from the past seven years and reading a letter from him saying he loved her, she bursts into tears admitting she loves him too.[136]

Layla Heartfilia

Main article: Layla Heartfilia

File:Layla pregnant with Lucy.jpg

Layla Heartfilia is Lucy’s deceased mother and Lucy shows great love for her. Due to her death when Lucy was young, there is little known about Layla’s relationship with her daughter, only that it was strong but cut short. Layla had deep maternal feelings for her daughter which were displayed when she had Capricorn swear to protect her after she died.[137] Lucy often mentions how much she misses her mother and still writes letters to her,[138] regardless of the fact that she has passed away.


Main article: Hilda

File:Hilda makes her presence known.JPG

Hilda was the matron of the Fairy Hills girls’ dormitory and had a brash but friendly relationship with Lucy. Hilda was somewhat disinterested in Lucy when they first met, in the sense that she only cared about the fact that Lucy had shown up for the job and nothing else.[139] She also ordered her around a lot and tended to irritate Lucy when doing so.[140] Lucy is shown to have respect for Hilda regardless of her bossy demeanor. Hilda was seen to show some kindness towards Lucy; such as at the end of the Omake when Hilda wished her good luck with her next job.[141]


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