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Karakura Town (空座町, Karakurachō; lit. Empty Seat Town) is a settlement in the Human World, located in Western Tokyo.


Karakura Town is the hometown of Ichigo Kurosaki. It is a small city with an average-sized population, most of which is unaware of the ghosts and spiritual forces that exist there.

Karakura Town is referred to as District 3600 by the Shinigami and is situated on the current jūreichi (重霊地, Important Spirit Ground) - the point in the Human World that possesses the greatest concentration of spiritual beings.[1][2] For this reason Sōsuke Aizen sought to destroy it, as necessary to create a copy of the Ōken.


Approximately 100 years ago, Kisuke Urahara, Tessai Tsukabishi and the eight Visored fled Soul Society to escape their sentences. They were soon joined by Yoruichi Shihōin.[3] Urahara opened a small shop in the outskirts of town, the Urahara Shop, aided by Tessai Tsukabishi. While it is no more than an average store on the outside, it is a shop that caters to Shinigami needs. Underneath the shop Urahara built a vast training area to be used by himself, his employees and some of his clients. The Visored made their home in an old run down warehouse. They too constructed a training ground where they trained to take charge of their inner Hollows and later to prolong the period of their Hollowfication.

Geography of Karakura Town

Below are some of the important places within Karakura Town and their locations.

Map of Karakura Town
Map of Karakura
A. Kurosaki Clinic
B. Tatsuki Arisawa's home
C. Furin Hall (風臨会館, fūrin kaikan) (karate dojo)
D. Inoue family home
E. Matsukura Hospital (松倉病院, matsukura byōin) (abandoned)
F. Urahara Shop
G. Karakura High School
H. Onose River (小野瀬川, onose-gawa)
I. Sunflower Sewing (ヒマワリソーイング, himawari sōingu)
J. Karakura Hospital
  1. Mizuiro Kojima's home
  2. Asano family home
  3. Karakura shopping district (空座 商店街, karakura shōtengai)
  4. Old Karakura train station (空座 本町駅, karakura honchō eki)
  5. Karasu River (空須川, karasu-gawa)
  6. Yasutora Sado's home
  7. Hirohyaku Supermarket (スーパーヒロヒャク <寛百>, sūpā hirohyaku)
  8. Orihime Inoue's current apartment
  9. Tsubakidai Park (椿台公園, tsubakidai kōen)
  10. Uryū Ishida's home
  11. Karakura Community Park (空座 ふれあい公園, karakura fureai kōen)
  12. Mashiba Middle School (馬芝中, mashiba-chū)
  13. Yumisawa Children's Park (弓沢児童公園, yumisawa jidō kōen)
  14. Remains of the Sukari Building (スカリビル跡地, sukaribiru atochi)


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