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Chrome Dokuro
Present | Ten Years Later

Returned Chrome 2


クローム 髑髏


Kurōmu Dokuro


"10th Vongola Mist Guardian"

Other Name(s)

"Nagi" (Original Name)

Personal Info

Female Female

  • 13 years old (Present)
  • 23 years old (Future)

152 cm


41 kg




December 5 (Sagittarius)


Sagittarius ♐

Current Status


  • Unnamed Father (deceased)
  • Unnamed Two Step-Fathers
  • Unnamed Mother
Dying Will Flame


Color Of Flame

Indigo (Mist)

Professional Status

Vongola Famiglia

  • Middle School Student
  • Illusionist
Previous Team
Weapons & Equipment



Earring of the Mist Version X

Box Weapon(s)


Voice Actor(s)
Japanese Voice Actor(s)

Satomi Akesaka


Katekyō Hitman Reborn! Chapter #113


Katekyō Hitman Reborn! Episode #50


Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Fate of Heat


Vongola Style School Trip!

Chrome Dokuro (クローム 髑髏, Kurōmu Dokuro), originally named Nagi (), is a 13-year-old girl who wears a Kokuyo school uniform and the co-Vongola Mist Guardian. Mukuro Rokudo uses her as a vessel after he saved her life by creating illusionary organs for her when she lost her right eye and some of her organs in an accident. Chrome has been shown using two of Mukuro's six skills: creating illusions and summoning beasts that kill the enemy. The Japanese rōmaji of her name, Kurōmu Dokuro, is an anagram of Mukuro Rokudō.

Character Outline

Nagi, now known as Chrome Dokuro, is a 13-year-old girl who was first introduced as Tsuna's mysterious Mist Guardian and one of Mukuro's subordinates who acted as his vessel and connection to the world outside the Vendicare Prison.


Chrome is a cute and sweet girl, as commented by Mukuro and Julie, which make her earned interest from boys. The notable example of this is when she first transferred to Namimori Middle where some male students in Tsuna's class took an immediate crush upon seeing her.

She is quite small for her age with short, "pineapple" style hair like Mukuro's. She has violet eyes but one was covered by a black eye patch with a chrome-colored skull due to an injury that caused her to loose her right eye. She is mostly seen wearing the green Kokuyo Middle-school uniform like the rest of the Kokuyo Gang; accessorized with her eypatch, a black belt, and black boots, all embelished with a chrome-colored skull, reflecting her name, Chrome Dokuro (Dokuro means "skull" in Japanese). During her daily activities in the future, she sometimes replaced her skull eyepatch with the normal one. Other times, she has been seen wearing the Simon uniform or Namimori uniform. With whatever she wears, she was usually seen with her bag, in which she stores a weapon.

In one of chapter covers, which shows her current self and Nagi, Nagi is shown to wear a sailor uniform, implying that she used to attend public school prior her accident.

When in an illusionay world, she has longer hair with bangs covering her lost right eye and was seen wearing a plain white gown. This is shown to be a similar version of Nagi before the incident minus the hair covering her right eye.

The Future version of her is briefly seen at the end of the Future Arc. From her younger counterpart, Chrome had let her hair grow back longer with her bangs being short but off to the right side; she had gotten rid of her skull eye patch and the "pineapple" hair. It's also shown she has a sense of style wearing a simple shirt, skirt, with a jacket. Contrary to this, in other official artwork, Chrome had her bangs even shorter and still retained a "pineapple" hairstyle with her longer hair look. She also had a different styled eye patch with stars on it.


Due to her once anti-social life as Nagi, she never opened up to anyone except Mukuro, and always gets confused and shy whenever someone is kind to her since she had never imagined that her existence could be accepted by people. Because of her timid nature, she never talks nor fights back if someone badmouths or even hurt her, and merely accepted it calmly. This made some people can't be honest with her or think of her as pitiful. She also lacked confidence and used to tend on Mukuro for help, despite her own desire to become stronger. However, as the story progress, she becomes determined to become independent to help the people who are dear to her with her own power and started to open up with the others.



Nagi, before becoming Chrome Dokuro.

From what her parents talked about in a flashback, her original name was Nagi, and she lived an isolated and antisocial life. After trying to rescue a cat, she was badly injured in a car accident, which led to the loss of her right eye and some of her internal organs. The only way to save her life would be to have someone with the same blood type transfer their organs to her. She did not care whether she lived or not, and her mother refused to sacrifice her own organs anyway. However, Mukuro Rokudo heard her words and allowed her to live by creating illusionary organs.

In Hidden Bullet Novel: mono.Chrome, it was revealed that after recovering the wounds that she received from her accident, she immediately ran away from hospital and went to the neighbor town, Kokuyo as ordered by Mukuro. On her way there, she spotted Ken asleep on the nearby park. Seeing that he looked like he's going to die, she sits his head on her lap to make it comfortable for him to sleep. When he awoke, he was surprised, causing him to shout angrily at her until he feels hungry. Realizing this, she gave him an apple, which reminded Ken of his past when Mukuro also gave him an apple when he and Chikusa are hungry and ran away after eating the apple in tears. Unknowingly to him, she followed him all the way to Kokuyo Land, making Chikusa thought at first that she's an intruder. But when he found out that Ken knew her and eventually her connection with Mukuro, they let her stay in Kokuyo Land with them.

Plot Overview

Varia Arc

Chrome Loses Her Organs

Chrome's illusionary organs begin to disappear.

Chrome was chosen to be the holder of the Half Vongola Mist Ring in Mukuro's place. She fought on level footing with Mammon during the early stages of her match, but was overwhelmed once Mammon got a bit serious. Mammon, soon realizing that her trident was the key to her power, began targeting that, and, shortly after, was able to destroy it. This led to an unusual phenomenon where Chrome lost some of her organs, and seemingly lost the match. On verge of defeat, Chrome briefly remembered her past and cried as she communicated with Mukuro, telling him that she wanted to help him. Responding to her call, Mukuro told her to rest and her body covered with mist, switching place with Mukuro and quickly turned the tide. Mukuro soon defeated Mammon, winning the match, but having used too much of his power, his grip on his real illusion faded, returning the body back to Chrome. She was then taken to Namimori Hospital since Ken and Chikusa refused to take her back with them. The next morning, she met Tsuna when he intended to visit Lambo and she assured him that Mukuro will be alright before returning to Kokuyo Land.

In the Cloud Ring Battle, she, Ken, and Chikusa watched Hibari's fight against Gola Mosca. When the Gola Mosca gone rampage, she ran as she tried to evade the attack, but accidently stepped on mines buried within the battlefield. She was saved by Ken and Chikusa, but the three were then cornered between the rampaging Mosca and gattling gun until Tsuna saved them.

In the Sky Ring Battle, she was captured by Bel and Mammon and held hostage to convince Gokudera and Yamamoto to give up their Rings. Gokudera and Yamamoto attempted to save her but were caught in an illusion; however, Ryohei came to the rescue and broke the illusion. When Mammon attempted to escape after all fifty Varia backup members were defeated by Lancia, she prevented him from escaping.

Future Arc

Kokuyo Junior High Gang

Chrome creates real illusions of the Kokuyo gang to fight Glo Xinia

According to Kusakabe, five years before Tsuna and the others were transported to the Future, Future Chrome, Ken, and Chikusa attempted to break Mukuro out from Vendicare Prison; however, they failed and got separated, and their status was unknown. However, five years afterwards, half a year before Tsuna's arrival to the future, Glo Xinia encountered Chrome and was said to have defeated Mukuro while he was possessing Chrome's body to fight him but she's able to escape and then encountered Guedo Greco at airport in Italy who was possessed by Mukuro and instructed her to go to Kokuyo Land.

After being transferred into the Future with a frozen Vongola Ring, Chrome was confronted by Glo Xinia in the Kokuyo Gang's Hideout. With the help of Future Mukuro, she was able to thaw out her Ring and defeat Glo Xinia. Ryohei later brought Chrome to the Vongola Base. As she lay in bed sick, her illusionary internal organs begin to fail and disappear due to Mukuro's defeat by Byakuran. However, she was able to use the Vongola Mist Ring to sustain her organs via her own Illusions with thanks to Hibari's instruction. During the Invasion of the Merone Base, she appeared using Illusions to disguise herself with Hibari and Kusakabe. Along with the other Vongola Guardians, Chrome was given a Vongola Box Weapon.

Choice Arc

Upon returning to the Future, the other members of the Famiglia were at first worried that Chrome wasn't eating. However, once she established a friendship with I-Pin, she began joining them for dinner. She later began training to master her Illusions with the virtual training challenge created by Mammon and her combat abilities with Bianchi and I-Pin. Chrome was not one of the participants in Choice and therefore watched the battle from the Vongola viewing area.

Inheritance Succession Arc

Chrome Inheritance

Chrome's Inheritance.

After being sent back to the past for the Inheritance Succession Viper was chosen to be Chrome's tutor. Chrome later went missing for several days only to return to Kokuyo Land, greatly upset and crying. Upon being questioned by Kyoko, Haru and I-Pin, she stated that she no longer wished to fight, leading the other Guardians to think she would be better off staying in the past with the other girls. It was later revealed that Vongola first Mist Guardian Daemon Spade had taken control of Chrome in order to draw the girls out and hold them as hostages. The group was then trapped in an illusion with limited oxygen, and while the other Guardians attempted a rescue, Chrome attempted to break the illusion. With Viper acting as a guide, she was able to accomplish. Later Daemon gave Chrome her inheritance after expressing an interest in Mukuro, who had appeared briefly to save Chrome.

Future Final Battle Arc

Mukuro & Chrome Farewell

Chrome bids Future Mukuro farewell.

After returning from the past, the Six Funeral Wreaths tried to capture Yuni. Chrome used her Vongola Mist Owl Cambio Forma to see through the enhanced illusions created by Torikabuto, aiding Tsuna in his fight. During the day of the final battle, Chrome delivered the Vongola Mist Box to Mukuro but fainted shortly after seeing him for the first time. After Byakuran was defeated, M.M warned Chrome that Mukuro was only using her to escape from prison. Before Chrome could respond to this, they were interrupted by Ken, Mukuro, and Chikusa who told her that it's about time to return to the past. As she faced Mukuro, she said that she's also happy to finally able to meet him in person. Once she returned to the past along with the others, she smiled as she looked at her Mist Vongola Box Ring before switched placed with Mukuro.

Inheritance Ceremony Arc

Back in the past Chrome was stalked by Julie Katou, a transfer from Simon Middle School, who also started delivering foods to her. He later asked her to go on a date and run away with him after the inheritance ceremony. However, she softly rejected him and just left him standing there, making Julie commented that she's cute.

Later, after Yamamoto was attacked, Chrome created an illusion of him for Tsuna's Inheritance Ceremony so that the other Mafia members would remain unaware of his absence. During the inheritance ceremony, she, along with the other guardians (excluding Lambo), was defeated by Enma. When the Simon Famiglia took their leave after Enma defeated Tsuna, she was taken along by Julie, dropping her Vongola Ring and Animal Ring on the ground in the process.

File:Chrome Under Control.png

After awakening to find herself trapped at Simon Island, Chrome attempted to escape but was stopped by Julie who demonstrated that he was creating her illusionary organs for her as the Island had a barrier that prevents Mukuro's illusions from passing through. When Chrome refused his offer to become his, Julie then explained that he was responsible for the entire battle between the Simon and Vongola for two goals, first for complete annihilation of Vongola and second was her. As he said this, he revealed his true identity as Daemon Spade in disguise. When he requested for Chrome to submit her body by her own will, she refused and Daemon then punished her by proceeding to take control of Chrome's mind in order to draw out Mukuro so he can take his body.

She's seen again alongside Daemon, after he finally revealed his true identity and plans to Tsuna and the others. She creates a mist barrier that traps Tsuna and the others with her technique, Cortina Nebbia, to prevent them fighting Daemon all together at once. Hearing Daemon's intention to take over Mukuro's body, Hibari threatened Daemon by breaking the barrier, but Daemon warned Tsuna and the group that if the barrier is broken; Chrome, the creator, will be killed. When Yamamoto managed to injure Daemon with his new technique, Chrome interfered and refused to step back until Daemon ordered her to. Before she left the battlefield with Daemon, Yamamoto gave her the Ore of Mist Version X and told her that they will always wait for her.

The next day, when the Simon Ring finally fully awakened, she was tied up as Daemon undid the mind control on her and told her that he will let her meet Mukuro. Chrome asked why now, which he replied that it's a perfect time because he can fight Mukuro with the fully awakened Desert Simon Ring. Chrome realized that he was using her as a bait to lure out Mukuro and shouted that she won't let it happen. Daemon replied that no one is there to listen to her opinion, since the one who will decide is Mukuro and he opened the barrier of the island. Chrome urgently pleaded at him to stop, but it's already too late and Daemon removed her illusionary organs to lure out Mukuro; as Chrome spit out blood, she silently pleaded Mukuro to not come but soon blacked out. After this, mist surrounded Chrome and Mukuro appeared, replacing her.

File:Chrome Protects Enma.PNG
After the fight of Mukuro and Daemon, Mukuro leaves Chrome to Tsuna and changed back into Chrome. When she woke up she asks where is Mukuro and Tsuna replied that Mukuro had already defeated Daemon, making her glad. However, Chrome and the others were shortly surprised when they heard Mukurou, the box animal, speaking and knew that there was trouble regarding Mukuro's body in Vindice. Julie suddenly woke up and asked about the situation. Tsuna and Gokudera said that Daemon is still alive and is inside Julie which Chrome and Mukuro immediately replied that he is no longer Daemon. Mukuro concluded that Daemon had taken over his body, surprising them. At the confrontation with Daemon, she was saved by Yamamoto from being sent to Daemon's illusionary world. She intended to assist Tsuna and Enma to see through Daemon's illusions but Daemon threatened that he will kill her with Mukuro and Reborn if they were to assist them and told them to watch. However, she finally interferes when Tsuna hesitates to shoot Enma along with Daemon by protecting Enma with her Barrier Mist Flames in full power that were also supported by Mukuro. After Daemon was defeated, she and the others returned to Namimori, with Mukuro freed by the Vindice after acknowledging his effort during the battle with Daemon.

The Curse of the Rainbow Arc

Transfer to Nami-Middle

File:Chrome transferred to Nami-Middle.jpg

Tsuna and the others are surprised to see that Chrome has been transferred to Nami Middle. She stood at the front of the classroom to introduce herself, but breaks down crying in Kyoko's arms. When discussing this between classes, Ryohei told them that according to what Kyoko has heard from Chrome, she was kicked out of Kokuyo Gang by Mukuro. When she woke up in the morning, she only found a note that telling her to get out and a Nami-Middle uniform, and Kokuyo Land already empty. Gokudera then commented that since Mukuro was free from jail, he doesn't need Chrome anymore. Tsuna seemed to have doubts about that representation of events. Reborn then arrived and told them that he was convened by Mukuro to talk about Chrome and was given her living expenses by Mukuro as well. Since Chrome has already arrived in Namimori, Reborn said that settling her in to either Kyoko or Haru's house would be for the best until they found a place for her to live. Reborn then suggests a welcoming party for Chrome at Tsuna's house, with the theme of a mimicry contest. At the party, Chrome thanks everyone for throwing it for her with the moral support of Haru and Kyoko and holding a mimicry contest where the loser must become Chrome's errand boy for a year.

1st Day of Representative Battle of the Rainbow

Later on the first day of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, during classes, she was shown to be having a cold. After school, on her way home, she was approached by illusion that Mukuro created to check on whether she was getting better or not. However, seeing her, he states that her condition has worsened as he had thought. Mukuro tells Chrome to tell him everything about her condition; otherwise, she was going to die, much to Chrome's shock. The next day, Tsuna noticed that Chrome was not present at school and wondered did something happened to her.

3rd Day of Representative Battle of the Rainbow

File:Powerful Chrome.PNG
After the second Representative Battle of the Rainbow, when Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto visited the hospital to check on Team Skull's condition after defeated by Team Bermuda, they bumped into Kyoko, who told them that Chrome's internal organs are gone. Tsuna rushed into the ICU and saw that she was really worn out. Tsuna apologized for not acting upon her absence even though he noticed it, but Chrome ignored his apology and instead requested Tsuna so she could be placed on Team Reborn. Tsuna refused as Reborn is the one who decides on the team and worried about her condition, but Chrome pleads to him; despite that, Tsuna still refuses. Later, however, during the battle between Team Reborn and Team Verde against Team Bermuda, Chrome appeared at the battlefield as Reborn's sixth representative and offered to support Mukuro's illusion, joining the fight. At this moment, the cause behind Chrome's illness is revealed; Chrome was torn between wanting to be seen as a single person as she is no longer sharing a body with Mukuro or keep living with illusionary organs provided by Mukuro, making both her feelings and body grown worse that she couldn't accept his illusions. However, remembering Reborn's question of what she wants to be to Mukuro, she finally found her resolve to protect people that she loves. Chrome was able to recreate illusionary organs with her own power and by using Verde's equipment, assisted Mukuro's illusion. By combining both of their illusions, they able to create a much more powerful version of Genju Gagaia, Genju Mugaia.

4th Day of Representative Battle of the Rainbow

Chrome didn't return to Kokuyo Land for unknown reason and met Tsuna and Kyoko during her way to school. After school, she, along with Kyoko, Haru, and I-Pin went to Tsuna's house after fixing the lucky charms for Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto. They were surprised when seeing large amount of people gathering at Tsuna's house. Bianchi told Kyoko and Haru to leave the house until the meeting is over while Chrome stay to join the meeting and was chosen as one of the representatives who will fight in battle against Team Bermuda.

In the afternoon, after the watch announced the start of the battle, she, along with Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Flan fought against Small Gia and Big Pino, creating illusions with Flan to buy some times until Tsuna, Enma, and Basil arrives after defeating Alejandro. However, Small Gia and Big Pino able to located them and destroyed their illusions, exposing them. Fortunately, before Big Pino's next attack could hit them, Enma used his gravity manipulation to float four of them into the air, saving them. When Tsuna's vision was blinded by one of Small Gia's weapons, Yamamoto and Gokudera immediately interferes and with Enma's help, straining the two Vindice's movements. As they're straining them, Gokudera asked for Chrome's help for their plan. Chrome immediately told Flan to protect them with Verde's device. Flan at first, refused, since he's tired, scared, and annoyed, but, after her firm insistence, he agreed under condition that she'll kiss him on cheek if it goes well. With her aid, Flan created ceramic that covered Gokudera's and Yamamoto's body as the dynamites explode, destroying Small Gia's and Big Pino's wrist watches without harming the two. After recovering from the previous battle, she and the others went to where the remaining team members are. She, Enma, and Flan helped Tsuna from Jager's attack, but quickly defeated in instant, rendering them unconscious. Later, her watch, including the other fallen members' watches, are destroyed by Bermuda to prevent them from assisting Tsuna.

After Bermuda was defeated, she, Mukuro, and Flan are submitted into Namimori Hospital along with the Varia, Byakuran, Dino, Basil, and Hibari. She was seen in Mukuro's room along with the other members of Kokuyo Gang who were visiting him when Hibari destroyed the wall that lead to Mukuro's room. In the last chapter, several days after the battle, Chrome is last seen in front of Tsuna's house, waiting for him along with the others, invited by Reborn to celebrate Tsuna's tutelage.



From the flashback, it can be assumed that she's not in a good relationship with both her mother and her step-father. From what her mother said, Chrome and her mother were never close with each other, since she can't even understood her own daughter and willingly let her die. Her step-father also cares for his work more than his step-daughter since he was annoyed when her accident forced him to leave an important meeting, and doesn't seem to have considered her as such since they are not related by blood. It's never been shown how Chrome feels for them, but she's clearly upset by their treatments.

Mukuro Rokudo

Chrome & Mukuro in 88

Chrome & Mukuro

Chrome is extremely loyal and devoted to Mukuro, and cares deeply for him since he gave her a chance to live and was the first person who claimed that he needed her and accepted her, something that nobody, not even her own parents, ever did. She is very respectful of him, always addressing him as "Mukuro-sama." He was the first person she willingly opened up to, and still is the one she places her utmost trust in. Chrome is willing to do anything for his sake and safety, regardless of her fate's outcome, even on the verge of death. This feelings eventually grows into love and wishes to always protect him.

Mukuro, for his part, is kind towards her, although whether it is honest behavior or just an act is unknown. During his battle with Glo Xinia, he reacts with surprise when Glo Xinia commented on how precious Chrome was to him. After the battle, Mukuro told Tsuna not to drag her out of his reach and even requested that he protect her. However, at the end of the Future Arc, M.M. warned her that Mukuro is a "fearful person" and that he was just using her to get out of Vendicare Prison. Future Mukuro referred to Chrome as an "ignorant little girl" who took his words and actions at face value. His feelings and motives become much more complex and confusing after he is freed out of the Vendice Prison; he kicked Chrome out of the Kokuyo Gang and told Tsuna that he detested the current her. However, despite these statements, Mukuro still visited her to check on her condition. He eventually revealed that he left her because he wanted her to become an independent warrior with the ability to stand up for herself, acknowledging her high potential. Despite his mysterious intentions, Chrome continues to love and have faith in Mukuro. Her feelings towards him are what supporting her to grow stronger for the sake of his and those he held dear. What Mukuro feels for Chrome remains unresolved, but it was strongly hinted that he genuinely cares for her.

Ken Joshima & Chikusa Kakimoto

The Kokuyo Gang Minus Mukuro

Chrome with Ken & Chikusa

At first, Chrome thought of them important to her because to Mukuro they are important people to him. However, after spending more times with them, Chrome started to cares for them deeply from her heart, not only because of their connection with Mukuro, considering them as her first comrades that she trusts. Even though Ken always mocks and berates her, she doesn't seem to mind it. Ken and Chikusa initially thought of her merely as Mukuro's container, but they eventually grows to care for her but refuse to show it, especially Ken. Evidence of this can be seen when they saved her during the Cloud Ring Battle from a bomb explosion and the Sky Match where Ken constantly complained that they couldn't see Chrome's condition. In the Arcobaleno Trial Arc, Ken gave her many sweets and when asked by Chikusa, he said he only bought it because they haven't used any money since her disappearance. Chikusa, aware of Ken's real intention, accepts this story, much to Ken's anger. In Inheritance Succession Arc, both Ken and Chikusa were worried when Chrome came back crying after missing for few days and Ken tried to cheer her up by bought her many sweets, which he hotly denied when Chikusa realized his attention. Ken shows a fondness of her by buying her treats and blushing when she's mentioned at certain situations if she's not around.


M.M. is seen to have a huge dislike towards Chrome and this could be because of her possible feelings towards Mukuro. She seems somewhat jealous of her and has been seen slapping her and insulting her on some occasions. But after the final battle with Byakuran, she told Chrome to stay away from Mukuro since he was a fearsome person, and she was concerned about it. This may mean she has some level of concern for Chrome. Chrome doesn't have any anger nor hatred towards her, but instead views her as one of people whom she held dear.

Tsunayoshi Sawada

Chrome sees Tsuna as her boss and took an immediate liking for him for being the second person to accept her after Mukuro, even granted him a kiss. Like most of the Guardians, she is loyal to Tsuna and willing to follow him even at the face of danger. Regardless of her connection with Mukuro, Tsuna sees Chrome as an important friend and always treats her nicely, just like he does to the other Famiglia members. He occasionally shows concern for her well-being when she is in danger or sad such as when she was kidnapped by Daemon and when she was kicked out from Kokuyo by Mukuro.

I-Pin, Kyoko, & Haru


Chrome with Kyoko, Haru, and I-Pin

At first, Chrome is extremely shy towards all members of the Vongola Famiglia and would run away from any sign of kindness or courtesy, like when she is offered dinner or asked to eat with them. In the future, after I-Pin offers her a bun to eat; however, Chrome starts warming up to the generosity of others. She then begins to help Kyoko and Haru prepare dishes for the boys and then ate dinner with them regularly, and even joined their boycott. I-Pin, Kyoko, and Haru often encouraging her gently to be more sociable and accept other people's kindness. She became much closer to them after she left Kokuyo, spending more times with them. Now when she is usually seen, she is with either I-Pin, Kyoko, or Haru.

Appearance in other Media

She appear in the second volume of the Reborn! novel "Hidden Bullet: 2X-Fiamma," which explained how she first met Ken and Chikusa. She also appears as a main character in the Drama CD 'Chrome Saw it! Happy Day at Kokuyo Land' is where she meets Lambo, who sees her learning Italian and tries to teach her. Then, she meets Tsuna and after some events, Lambo spills the bucket of water that Chrome had brought from the bathhouse for Ken onto her. Tsuna offers to let her go to her house to dry her wet Kokuyo uniform and change into dry clothes. While she is changing, Ken and Chikusa suddenly arrive at Tsuna's house and much to Tsuna's protests, Ken keeps banging on the door of the room Chrome is in and tells her to come out. When Ken actually says 'the pineapple head inside', Chrome switches with Mukuro and the latter uses his First Realm on Ken. At the end of the day, Chrome heads back with Ken and Chikusa but not before Tsuna asks why Chrome is with those two. She states that it is because Mukuro told her to and because they were her first comrades that she trusted.

Weapons and Abilities

Chrome is a talented illusionist and fighter, something that Mukuro has pointed out, stating that she has a quality to become independent soldier. Even though at first she's mostly assisted by Mukuro, her own illusions gradually improves to the point only an expert can see through it, as stated by Mammon. This further proven when she's able to create illusionary organs with her own power and supported Mukuro's illusions that even Mukuro commented to be stronger than Flan.

File:Cortina Nebbia.PNG
  • Six Paths of Reincarnation- Because Mukuro shares Chrome's body, she is granted the powers of Six Paths of Reincarnation though so far she is only proficient in Illusions and summoning animals. After Mukuro was freed, however, she's unable to use this technique again as they no longer sharing one body.
  • Cortina Nebbia - She is able to create a Mist Barrier from her Mist Flame, that traps anyone in it. When under Daemon's control, this technique become dangerous for the creator itself, if the barrier ever be broken, the creator will die.
  • Genju Mugaia - She combines her illusion with Mukuro's illusion and creates a much more powerful version of Genju Gagaia.


  • Trident - Chrome uses a Trident similar to Mukuro's. The Trident can fit into a small bag by retracting the poles of the Trident and the handle. Mukuro constructed the trident for her using his illusions. Later, she able to construct her own Trident that different from Mukuro's with only a single spike.
  • Vongola Mist Ring - Won during the Mist Ring Battle. As part of the Tri-ni-set it is classed as S-rank. Chrome shares the Ring with Mukuro and usually wears it when he is in jail. Ten years in the Future, the Vongola Rings were destroyed by Tsuna, however they were later brought back from the past with the Ten Year Bazooka. Chrome is capable of bringing out Mist Dying Will Flames from her Ring and uses its Construction ability to create Real Illusions. The Vongola Guardians were later accepted by the First Vongola Boss as the rightful owners of the Vongola Rings and were granted their true forms.
  • Gufo della Nebbia (Mist Owl) - Chrome acquires it in her battle with Glo Xinia as it is inhabited by Mukuro, which changed it from a Rain Box Weapon to a Mist Box Weapon.
Daemons Spade's Devil Lens

Daemon Spade's Devil Lens

  • Vongola Mist Owl - This is Chrome's Vongola Box Weapon. It appears to look much like her Mist Owl but with armour padding on its wings. In Cambio Forma, the owl turns into Daemon Spade's Devil Lens. These Lens allow Chrome to see through any Illusion.
  • Vongola Box Ring (Mukuro): At the end of the Future Arc after Byakuran was defeated, the Vongola were told that they can't take the Vongola Boxes with them. But with Verde's help, the Vongola Boxes were turned into Rings and were brought back to the present with the Vongola.
  • Earring of the Mist Version X: It’s the upgraded version of the Mist Original Vongola Ring. Chrome gained it in the Ore form, but when Mukuro possessed her, he activated it and gave this shape to fight with Daemon Spade. After Mukuro was freed, she no longer owns it as the earrings were given to Mukuro.


  • Chrome's Fandom Shorthand is 96, the opposite of Mukuro's 69.
  • Chrome's monthly allowance is 500 yen; however, for bathing, Ken pays for her.
  • The Japanese rōmaji of her name, Kurōmu Dokuro, is an anagram of Mukuro Rokudō.
  • Her favorite foods are wheat, chocolate, and malt sugar. She dislikes eating oily food and pineapples. Ironically, she has the same "pineapple" hairstyle like Mukuro. Also, in Everyone's One Day Activities, during their party, Mukuro ordered her to wear a pineapple costume, with her hair as the spikes.
  • Her favorite animal is cat.
  • In the 2007 and 2008 popularity poll for "the character I want as a bride," Chrome ranked tenth and seven.
  • According to the fanbook, her mother is a famous star and her step-father is the assistant manager in a famous overseas company.
  • Her main goal is to one day converse with Mukuro in Italian.
  • In the most recent popularity poll, she ranked 11th. In three previous polls, Chrome ranked 10th and 13th and ranked 1st in the female popularity poll, making her the most popular female character in the series.
  • In the anime, she first met Ken and Chikusa at Kokuyo Land when Mukuro promised her that they would meet them.
  • In the second volume of Hidden Bullet Novel: mono.CHROME, it's revealed that Chrome has a habit to give someone a blank stare if she feels the person (particularly Ken) is having a fit. She also believed a kiss on a cheek would make people feel better.
  • It is also revealed in mono.CHROME that Chrome's real father passed away when she was a child.
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