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Other Name(s)

"Bathin de Emuna Alaindelon" (バティム•ド•エムナ•アランドロン, Batimu do Emuna Arandoron) (Full Name)

Personal Info

Male Male


Demon (Transdimensional)

Current Status

Alive (Active)

  • Unnamed Wife (deceased)
  • Angelica (daughter)
Voice Actor(s)
Japanese Voice Actor(s)

Wataru Takagi


Chapter 1


Episode 1


The Baby I Picked Up Is the Great Demon Lord!?

Alaindelon (アランドロン, Arandoron), full name Bathin de Emuna Alaindelon (バティム•ド•エムナ•アランドロン, Batimu do Emuna Arandoron), is a Transdimensional Demon and one of the main protagonists of the manga Beelzebub.


15. Alaindelon

Alaindelon surprisingly resembles Queen lead singer Freddy Mercury. They share hairstyles, moustache and even attitude. However, Alaindelon is better built being quite muscular. He often wears sweatshirts along with boxer shorts. However, there are also occasions when he wears outfits outside of his daily wear such as the school uniform and a swimsuit (in the anime).


Alaindelon is a very comical person. Even though he tries to remain serious, his uselessness usually puts him down. He is a dimensional demon capable of going in between dimensions. He also has the ability to open himself up in order for people to enter him and be able to travel alongside him. He also lacks physical strength, but seems to make up for it with incredible durability. Most demons at least make some attempt to conceal their powers while in the human world, but Alaindelon tends to use his transport ability fairly often, splitting himself open even in front of people (which causes a fair amount of shock or disgust).



At some point of his life, Alaindelon married his future wife, and later, the couple had a daughter, Angelica.

At some point, his wife died.

Tōhōshinki Arc

Fake death

Fake death!!

He first appears faking his death floating down the river where Oga finds him. Beelzebub popped out of him making Oga his caretaker. Thought dead, he later appears to usually bug Oga and Furuichi. He later goes to live with the latter after finding him a noble person.

Demon World Arc

Saint Ishiyama Academy Arc

Prince En Arc

Akumano Academy Arc

Memory Loss Arc

Field Trip Arc

Mobichi Arc

Sometime in the morning, Alaindelon and Hilda assist Oga's Mother in drying clothes outside.[1]

Return to Ishiyama High School Arc

File:Hilda & Alaindelon At Kunieda Residence.png

Alaindelon and Hilda stand atop the Kunieda residence as reflect on the recent news regarding Ishiyama High School. Worried, Alaindelon asks Hilda whether there really is a Contractor at the high school whose Demon opposes the Great Demon Lord's kingdom.[2]

File:Alaindelon & Hilda Watch The Fight.png

That following morning, they decide to pay a visit to the school to see for themselves. They eventually find a classroom where Oga confronts a male delinquent known as Yōhei Nasu; interested, they sneak inside and eventually reveal their presence to the other teenagers. Alaindelon sits beside Hilda silently and watches as the following events occur.[3][4] He particularly becomes more surprised at the development of Oga's and Nasu's fight as they fight using their respective Contractor and Spell Master abilities.[5][6]

Alaindelon and Hilda leave the classroom near the conclusion of the fight; during the event, they discover that there is a "mastermind" behind the incident, who is apparently a young individual that has been watching the fight from afar. Alaindelon "sneaks" up upon the young individual, albeit while blushing rapidly, ready to capture him with his hands. To his surprise, however, the young individual possesses a Teleportation Jewel which he manages to escape with.[7] Alaindelon and Hilda end up returning briefly to Oga's group inside the classroom before leaving again for the Demon World.[8]

He later appears to be present in a video call meeting with Hilda from the Demon World.[9]

File:Alaindelon & Lamia Cry Over Furuichi.png

Later, Alaindelon hears that Furuichi is in danger back in the Human World. He dresses up in his signature samurai armor and goes with Lamia to Ishiyama High School, where he yells aloud that he is there to save Furuichi. However, when they see Furuichi bleeding heavily on the ground, seemingly dead, the two burst into tears; shortly after, they are told about the situation by Oga. When Lamia begins contemplating over Furuichi's treatment, Alaindelon immediately suggests that she do it. Lamia hesitantly agrees to treat Furuichi himself and tells Alaindelon to bring him to a more sanitary area. Alaindelon initializes the transportation process with his body and carries Furuichi. He and Lamia then exit the area.[10]



Angelica is his daughter, who makes her first appearance in Chapter 44 of the manga. He is devoted to her, and she him. When he is "dying," he tells the distressed Lamia, Oga, and Furuichi that "he's not going to die here, it's his daughter's birthday and he promised to buy her dresses."


Furuichi is ' weirded out ' by Alaindelon. The latter however, believes Furuichi is "noble" and decides to move in with him so that he can have a home. It's even mentioned that Alaindelon talked to Angelica, his daughter, about him, praising him highly.

Tatsumi Oga

Like Furuichi, Oga generally finds Alaindelon's presence annoying at the least and disturbing at the most. However, Alaindelon's transport ability and eagerness to assist have proven useful to Oga several times. One of Alaindelon's common tasks is to keep Oga informed of the distance between himself and Beelzebub whenever they are separated (in order to avoid the 15 meter limit, which would result in a fatal shock for Oga).


Alaindelon assists Hilda by delivering various objects or people for her, and appears to know her very well, sometimes giving voice to the thoughts she is unwilling to share aloud. In particular, he believes that she actually has faith in Oga Tatsumi's ability to raise Beelzebub well, an idea that Hilda almost always rejects.


  • "TRANSFER!!!": whenever he makes a dimensional transfer.
  • "Furuichi-dono!": what he usually adresses Furuichi as.
  • "V for Volleyball is V for Victory.": to Furuichi, Himekawa, Kanzaki, Oga, Natsume and Tōjō.


  • His name was based on the French actor Alain Delon, who also produces various cosmetics and fashion items under his name.


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